Hyeonil Jeong

The Cork Stopper Table and the Cork Stopper Coat Stand are living room furniture pieces that show off the beauty of their unique structure and high-end aesthetics. Courtesy of the cork stopper and its deceptively simple construction mechanism, the assembly requires only a couple of minutes of time, requiring no glue, screws or hardware.

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The combination of birch plywood, hand-crafted cork and high polished tempered glass achieves an elegant and poetic piece of functional art with the beauty of its straight forward joinery. After considerable development and continually improving the form, function and aesthetic, these pieces are ready for the right manufacturer to bring it into the market.

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Hyeonil Jeong is a New York based furniture and product designer. To simultaneously achieve functional efficiency and visual amusement, his design approach is focused on experimenting with the structure and mechanisms found in everyday items. Hyeonil Jeong currently works on various projects including product, furniture, display and exhibition design and his work has been featured in numerous print and digital publications.