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Some of our Favorite Design Pieces Out There

Some of our Favorite Design Pieces Out There

In our ever-evolving world of design, we continuously encounter talented creatives, innovative production processes, and all kinds of new creations in lighting, furniture, textiles, among other categories. While this constant flow of creativity is a true inspiration, there have been a few pieces that have genuinely captivated our attention throughout the years. Here a first selection of some of our favorites pieces created by members of our inspiring design network!

Ohm. 13 Chandelier

Look Book participant
This design studio specializing in lighting and products, emphasizes local manufacturing and prioritizes the entire product life cycle for longevity.
An innovative take on a conventional sphere, the Ohm’s orbiting chandelier invites curiosity and interaction.

Material: Steel, aluminium and glass
Dimension per pendant: 5 in, 130 mm
Mounting: J-Box
Canopy dimension: 22 in, 560 mm

Based in Toronto, Canada

Bowen Liu
Helle Side Table 

Look Book participant
This award-winning furniture design and research studio creates artistic furniture collections inspired by life experiences immersed with local cultures.
Inspired by Bowen’s sailing experience over the past few years, the Helle Side Table is a piece of furniture entirely made of cast glass.

Based in New York City, USA

Cym Warkov Ceramics
Custom Stack Lamps

Look Book Participant
This studio crafts hand-built porcelain pieces influenced by the human form and architecture.
Stack Lamps are a bespoke, sculptural lighting element inspired in landscape topography especially the shale cliffs that are formed by moving water. Shale contains many of the same minerals, such as Quartz which are used to make the porcelain the studio uses to ceater these lamps.

Based in Minneapolis, USA

Ian Love Design 
Scalloped 3 Legged Stool

Look Book participant
Ian Love creates a diverse range of one-of-a-kind pieces, including furniture, sculptures, lighting, and art, primarily using locally-sourced fallen wood along with stone, concrete, resins, mixed materials, and other found objects.

Based in Brooklyn, USA

Erin Lorek
Bacon Cascade 

Look Book participant
As an artist, Erin explores the materiality of light through experimental iron and glass casting.
The Beacon series’ iron-cast lenses bounce both direct and indirect light between them, creating a stunning shimmering effect when passed by. A variety of six different textures and customized arrangements allow each Beacon installation to be as unique as the next.

Materials: Stainless steel, wire rope, iron-cast glass
Dimensions: customizable lenses 5 in – 11 in, adjustable height
Lens set options: Iron, Jersey, Mesh barber and Classic Pebble

Based in Brooklyn, USA

Simon Johns
Ledge Console

Look Book participant
Illustrating a conversation between the fabricated and the elemental, Simon creates one-off and limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting. His work is a product of observing and living with the pure and raw shapes of his surroundings.
The Ledge console stems from material exploration inspired by the cliffs around Simon’s studio. The wood components are scored across the grain, then carved by breaking the woods grain to create patterns of variable depths. Due to the hand carved facade, no two pieces are quite the same.

Based in Quebec, Canada

Sten Studio
Volcanic Shades of Marble III

Look Book participant
Nestled at the seat of one of the world’s richest stone deposits Sten Studio is a world within a world. This design laboratory tackles the beauty and mystery of natural phenomena through the use of stones and crystals in contemporary furniture and bespoke decorative objects.

Base: White calcatta marble
Natural stones: Red travertine marble, blue calcite, pineapple onyx
Dimensions: 13.2 in W x 13.2 in D x 16.9 in H

Based in Mexico City, Sten Studio

Will Choui
WCL Chair

Look Book participant
Will uses Platonic solids and universal shapes in combination with clean, slick, sometime soft, materials to create finite pieces of furniture. Despite his structural and organized approach to design, Will’s work is an ongoing and open-ended journey that will probably never stop evolving.
This lounge chair began with humble materials and a simple brief; to design a chair using limited resources and processes. First made out of a single 8 foot long piece of lumber, the WCL has evolved into a highly refined, hand polished piece.

Material: Hand polished stainless steel 
Dimensions: 18 in W x 18 in D x 34.5 in H

Based in Canada

Alfonso Verduzco Design
Tsiri Tiles

Look Book participant
Thought the creation of high-end unique pieces Alfonso aims to highlight and showcase the craftsmanship practiced for centuries by Mexican Artisans.
The Tsiri tiles are the result of an interesting production process involving hitting plain clay tiles with a corn cob. The intensity of the impacts, coverage and location of indentations make each individual piece one of a kind.

Material: Barro negro
Size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm
Weight: 0.26 kg

Based in Mexico

Caleb Ferris
The Noodle Throne

Look Book participant
Caleb finds inspiration in commonplace items that exist in the background of our lives to create sculptural objects and furniture. His latest collection, Al Dente, references the library of forms within the world of pasta. Caleb uses a variety of production methods, materials, and scales throughout the work to emphasize the charm of these mass-manufactured noodles.

Based in Oakland, USA

Concrete Poetics
Star 003

Look Book participant
Gary Fernandez introduces his solo project Concrete Poetics with a collection of cast-cement sculptural furniture and accessories that streamline organic forms juxtaposing the density of the material.

Material: Cast concrete
Dimensions: 13.66 in W x 14.22 in D x 16.75 in H
Weight: 48 lbs

Based in Brooklyn, USA

Formarosa Studio
Wave Form Lamp “Slumped”

Look Book participants
Co-founded by Maria Teresa Castillo and Santiago Braby Brown, Formosa focuses on the digital design and sourcing of limited edition, hand crafted objects.
This lamp is a custom wave form design, developed with digital precision and subject to the gravity and chemistry of the Kiln. This piece is fully customizable.

Size: 7 in W x 18 in H x 7 in D
Lighting specs: 120V, type A plug

Based in Brooklyn, USA

Levi Christiansen
Plural Table

Look Book participant
Levi is a self-taught furniture designer who seamlessly blends style with functionality, reimaging exceptional materials and thoughtfully elevating their inherent beauty in his meticulous compositions.

Based in Arizona, USA

Editions 888
Phantom Bench

Look Book participant
8888 represents a collective of visionary object creators who challenge modern norms and embrace discomfort. They celebrate raw materials and spontaneity, countering industrial, impersonal production.
Metal, brutal, quiet. Simple, gracious geometric shapes. Maximum power x 2. Ghosts trapped in chains of ice.

Material: Blackened steel
Dimensions: 36 in W x 20 in H x 16 in D

Based in Canada

Etat-des-Lieux 2A

Look Book participant
D’Armes is a place of pure creation, a born-out-of-love studio that used the hands of local craftsmen to express their passion for the purity of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the respect of materials.
This contemporary lighting system defined by its variable silhouette, pays homage to the iconic mountains and their majestic reflections in nearby waters.

Materials: Strap wire, hand blown glass globes
Features: Direct, indirect and direct & indirect lighting

Based in Canada

Olivia Barry
Leaf Wall Scone

Look Book participan
As a lifelong ceramist and industrial designer Olivia challenges the material to create unique, inventive lighting and artwork in ceramic.
The Leaf Wall Scone provides ambient light with a meditative glow from within. Each is individually made by hand, and has its own characteristic and personality. No two are exactly the same.

Materials: White mate glazed ceramic
Dimensions: 19 in W

Based in New York, USA

Pax Lighting
Dixon Sconce

Look Book participant
Run by husband-and-wife, Jeff and Teegan, this design and manufacturing studio slip-casts ceramic in custom glazes paired with hand-finished, precision-machined brass. Their work explores mastery, high craft, and an elevated idea of the perfectly imperfect.
With a modern form and refined finishes, the stepping effect of the Dixon Sconce’s tubing mimics nature’s growth on flower stems. Celebrating precision-machined brass and earthy accents, the reflector comes in terracotta with the glaze of your choice.

Materials: Brass and terracota
Dimensions: 7.25 in H x 7.5 in W x 8.5 in projection
Weight: 3 lbs

Based in Nebraska, USA

Sebastián Ángeles
396HZ Chair

Look Book participant
This multidisciplinary studio designs and manufactures products with uncompromising attention, highlighting the individual beauty of materials through awareness and respect.
The Frequencies Collection is inspired by patterns that represent different sound frequencies and their healing properties. For example, the 396 Hz frequency helps to release feelings of guilt and fear, this design is used to shape the curves of the chair, so its composition incorporates shapes that represent liberation and freedom drawn from patterns made in sound vizualizers composed of sand. ​The chair, with a curved and ergonomic design, adapts to the natural contours of the body, promoting a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Materials: Bronze

Based in CDMX, Mexico