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Mexico: A Design Oasis for Inspiration

Mexico: A Design Oasis for Inspiration

It’s already been 10 years since Odile and Claire first visited Design Week Mexico and there are no intentions in cutting short the tradition. As a big and ever-evolving neighbor country, Mexico has become a very interesting market for American designers/makers to sell their products and an ideal destination for interior designers and architects to source unique high-end pieces. The country’s vibrant design scene draws inspiration from its rich cultural heritage including local materials, techniques and in some cases aesthetics. However, Mexican design often features a fusion of traditional and modern elements reflecting both historical and contemporary influences. 

With the support of Design Week Mexico and for the second consecutive year, WantedDesign organized a one-of-a-kind trip for a few creatives to make great connections and experience the wonderful Mexican design and craft scene. This 5 day adventure entailed guided showroom, studio and gallery visits, private viewings, launch events, museums and relevant city destinations, delicious food, but most importantly, an exclusive tour of Design Week Mexico’s programs and events:


Inédito is on of our favorite programs part of Design Week Mexico. The exhibit promotes emerging design and presents never-before-seen utilitarian design pieces and art objects under three different categories: Limited edition, profesional and students work.

This exhibit hosted an initiative that warmed our hearts as it originated following the gathering of up-and-coming designers exhibitors of our last edition of Launch Pad at WantedDesign Manhattan (May 19-21, 2023). Somos LAT is a design collaboration created with the purpose of fostering relationships between Latin American countries and designers. 

“The future of design is about how we will collaborate. There is a lot of potential with the Latin American community”.

Esteban Paredes, Somos LAT

More HERE.

Visión y Tradición

Visión y Tradición is a residence program that provides unique opportunities for collaboration between designers and artisans belonging to the guest Mexican state. The result of this collaboration is exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology. France and Querétaro where the guest country and guest state respectively for the 2023 edition.


Design House

Photo credits: Alum Gálvez

Every year in October, the best architecture and interior design studios in Mexico come together to transform an ordinary house into an extraordinary design scene, within only 30 days. 

Navigate the house and learn more HERE.

Diseño Contenidos

This temporary installation at one of the most iconic parks of the city, invites the community to discover a curated selection of designers and studios and shop good design. 20 containers functioning as temporary showrooms are distributed throughout this park to create a bustling urban fair.

France, the Guest Country

Besides this being one of Wanted’s favorite destinations throughout the year and a design oasis for inspiration, France was selected as the guest country to celebrate the 15th edition of Design Week Mexico making this year extra special for WantedDesign. This unique and exciting collaboration in between Mexico Territorio Creativo, the French Embassy in Mexico – Institut français d’Amérique latine (IFAL) and Mobilier National, aimed to “showcase the rich tradition and avant-garde nature of French design while promoting cultural exchanges between both countries”. This through the active participation of french designers in programs such as: Visión y Tradición, Inédito and Design House, as well as a series of events hosted by France in Mexico City during the month of October.

Below a small selection of the many photos we took of our passage through Mexico City:

Mexico is the-place-to-be to meet emerging talents, discover some of the most refreshing innovations in terms of materials and techniques and take a first step to understand the booming Latin American market.

Our team got to share this remarkable experience with a wonderful group of creatives which besides bonding with each other flew back home full of inspiration and good memories.

“An invigorating approach to design was revealed to us at DWMX thanks to the same authentic passion that d’Armes shares with the wonderful Wanted Design team.”

Alexandre Joncas, d’Armes

If you would like to receive more information about upcoming design trips, please email us at info@wanteddesignnyc.com.

We hope you can join us in Mexico, October 2024. Until next time!

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