Geof Ramsay

Geof Ramsay is a product designer whose work is characterized by his use of narrative and memory, resulting in designs that have a resonance beyond aesthetic value. In 2013 Geof was named one of Canada’s top 10 emerging designers by Azure Magazine and in 2015 won the Best Prototype award at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. His work has been featured in numerous publications internationally.


The Euclid collection uses the principals of basic geometry to build a collection of products that work with each other.  The forms of the hexagon, triangle and rhombus make up the three part collection. By using these three basic forms we can create pieces that perfectly fit together to make unique grouping and combinations. The intricate details and overall form play up a sense of balance between old and new design ideals. Euclid’s construction also emphasizes the juxtaposition between old and new by utilizing both traditional furniture building methods and modern manufacturing technology.


With Wanted Design the hope is to meet up and discuss with potential manufacturers to produce this collection, as well as set up meetings with potential manufactures for future collaborations.