Diego Garza

The Light Pole lamp is all about manipulation and clarity. All its elements are frontal and apparent. By pressing steel clips the lamps can rotate and navigate the pole, allowing the user to direct its light to any desired location. The physicality of this lamp is reinforced by the potential entanglement of the cords and use of outlets.

Light Pole Diego Garza

So Comfy was made with the intention of providing a relaxed, easy going, and very comfortable experience. The legs are sound, the cushions puffy and the brackets notorious and rounded. A kind of object that because of its casualness and un-aggressiveness could fit and serve well in a private or social environment.

So Comfy Diego Garza

Diego Garza is a designer studying and living in Rhode Island. His work aims to bring and promote a kind of sophisticated physicality into our daily life objects. A physicality with the potential to make us at the same time feel more present with our environment and also make us question and wonder the way things work.