Alexis Del Toro

Mexico carries craft and design in the skin; we are a country full of traditions, customs, colors and aromas. A cocktail of feelings and emotions. The exploration of our identity is part of our idiosyncrasy. What is Mexico? Who are the Mexicans? What is the role of a young designer in Mexico? From these inquiries Alexis Del Toro Design Studio born.

Parallel folding door cabinet 700 x 350px

PARALLEL COLLECTION has a story to tell, with a design that doesn’t reveals everything at first sight. Inspired mainly by mountains, it’s a collection that maintains a particular simplicity. Playing with two different angles and shades of color, it can be observed through a diversity of perspectives. Concept wise, it proyects the silhouettes of the protagonist mountains that look after us every day in my city of Monterrey, Mexico.

Parallel clock collection 700 x 350px

Thereby, PARALLEL COLLECTION begins its journey to find its place of acceptance within the sector of Mexican contemporary furniture, as well as being part of history, by representing an entire Mexican city