Andrea Borgogni


ECCO CHAIR is an intuitive shape coming out from one piece of steel-tube curved in one step. The innovative shape is designed to have a sort of flexibility move up and down that follow the movement of the person seated. Ecco is complete new way to move while seated, just try to belive it. This armchair is quickly producible, it doesnt need any supplementary passage of welding or complex screwing.
The easyness of the line is also the essence of the usage. Is a swinging armchair, fun and comfortable to use and it could be for outdoor or indoor by changing the material of the seat/backrest.


MAYBE CHAIR is more than just a chair; it is ‘more chairs in one.’ It was designed for large-scale production, flexible customisation, and adaptability to different usage scenarios. It’s a chair with strong contrast, It could be with a structure in rough aluminum not painted merged with a very refined seat/backrest, untill a chair with painted structure and upholstered seat. Maybe Chair is a hybrid of die-cast aluminium technology with wood craftsmanship. The main structure is split into two aluminium die-cast parts, which are efficient to store after production and can be shipped in a very small box. The seat and backrest can be made with various materials and finishes, depending on the intended context of use. For example, Maybe Chair could be a classic dining chair with a seat and backrest in wood. It could also be an office chair with an upholstered or plastic seat. A single investment in moulds could yield many outcomes.


About Andrea Borgoni:

“I was born in 1981 in Arezzo an Italian medieval town rich in tradition and craftsmanship located in Tuscany between Firenze and Siena. The context was ideal for the development of my imagination during childhood, and lead me to investigate how and why objects can be designed. In 2004, I had my graduation in Industrial Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. The thesis project was featured by Piquadro as an example of research and product development. In 2005, I had a Master in Car design with Lamborghini S.p.a and the thesis project won the ‘Master course award’. I have worked in different fields of design, from car design modelling to product design. In 2010, after meeting with Aldo Cibic I was hosted in the headquarters of the famous Designer.”