Susan Allbert

Susan Allbert is a british born designer based in Brooklyn, New York. With a background in  printmaking and textiles, her work combines old techniques with modern technologies, often blurring the lines between art and design. Quirky and innovative, inspiration for her work comes from varied and unusual sources. She often uses mass produced or found objects and imagery, manipulating them to give her work a playful aesthetic which belies their mundane beginnings and environmental message.


“Nothing is Disposable” is a range of textiles which use images of dining debris to examine environmental issues relating to food and the way we eat.

“Roadworks” is a group of digitally printed scarves inspired by days spent exploring the city. Surface patterns are produced using image which include spray paint road markings, a form of infrastructure graffiti used by engineers to communicate what lies below our roads and sidewalks.

“Tidemarks” is a collection of needlepoint cushions whose QR code design, scan and link to video images which explore ideas of ephemeral possession.