OLEDs, Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, offer unparalleled lighting solutions. The lightweight, ultra-flat, glare-free, shadow-free and heat-free technology can be used to create inspiring designer indoor or outdoor light fixtures. Unlike conventional light bulbs, OLED light sources emit 100% useful light. OLED allows larger surfaces of light to be created, shaped and manipulated. As well as increasing opportunities for design, OLED technology is clean with 0% polluting components. OLEDs are used by automotive and medical equipment manufacturers, and OLED displays are currently being introduced to the market for cell phones and televisions.

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“With no shadows, glare, or heat, OLED fixtures provide soft, flattering and welcoming light. The romantic lighting, when incorporated into dramatic designs, creates a breathtaking display hardly accessible to other electronic lighting options,” said Alessandro Dolcetta, Co-Founder of BLACKBODY.

The new showroom will be dedicated to creativity and will exemplify the myriad of designer lighting options made possible by the BLACKBODY’s OLED technology. Visitors can experience the possibilities of this new technology to provide a unique ambiance for executive lobbies, offices, hotels, and private homes.

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“OLED technology brings lighting design to a new level,” said Bruno Dussert-Vidalet, Co-Founder of BLACKBODY. “With the opening of our New York City showroom, we are glad to be introducing this new light to American designers and architects and are excited to see how they will integrate this technology in their work.”