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Transatlantic Creative Exchange

Transatlantic Creative Exchange was initiated in 2016 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to share the French creativity and savoir-faire with the US and strengthen creative ties and collaboration in the various fields of design. The five participating French-American duos are selected based on overlapping interests, geographic diversity and desire to engage in creative collaboration.

ArtByFriends_Opinel 10.55.26 AM

Art by Friends x Opinel

Founded in 2008 in Annecy, France as an art collective, Art by Friends specializes in the organization of cultural events, artist promotion and curation of travelling exhibitions such as the Opinel Series which will be presented during WantedDesign by 45 artists, 10 of which will be from New York.



Co-founded by designers Marie Douel and Amandine David in 2013, Hors Pistes initiates creative encounters, enabling young designers to discover foreign traditional techniques, and artisans to diversify the field of application of their know-how.


Diplorama#3 by ENSCI les ateliers


Mos(KIT)o by ENSCI les ateliers

As part of the research theme “Design and biology”, carried at ENSCI by Guillian Graves, three student designers have joined students in biology, physics, chemistry and law to form the multidisciplinary team of the Paris Pasteur Institute and develop a project of international significance.



Shipped across the country in Bankers boxes, this annual traveling exhibition presents a dozen distinct national and international showcases each year. Working with local correspondents, each box houses a collection of thoughtfully designed objects, reflecting the particular resources and makers of that area.


Central Saint Martins Product, Ceramic & Industrial Design

Present design about: curiosity, making, community, transformation and pleasure

Factory Floor Booths-27

Industry City Tenants Gallery

Industry City tenants are integral components IC ecosystem. During WantedDesign Brooklyn, the public gets to see a sample of the best design made at IC.