Design Forever: A Preview of the WantedDesign 2015 Design School Workshop by Core77


For the second year in a row, Core77 is partnering with WantedDesign to present the fourth annual, on-site Design Schools Workshop. Over the course of four days, students from Centro Design School from Mexico City, Art Center College for Design, Pasadena, and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will be working in collaboration to tackle the topic of product lifecycle in every day objects under the theme, Design Forever.

With over 1.3 billion tons of waste generated per year, expected to rise to 2.2 billion tons per year by 2025, the issue of waste is becoming more urgent. Led by the Centro Design School from Mexico City, students participating in this year’s design school workshop will work to transform an every day object into a product that lasts. Core77 spoke with Sébastian Ocampo, Director of Centro’s Product Design department and Cecilia León de la Barra, designer, curator and instructor at Centro, about collaboration, blue sky thinking and leaving your comfort zone.  More

Diesel Living by Foscarini, Moroso, Seletti, and Scavolini at WantedDesign


The Diesel lifestyle is built on passion, creativity and strong personality. Using the brand’s ironic and unexpected approach to design, the new home collection reflects every aspect of the Diesel philosophy. Rough materials, contrasting shapes and textural treatments are part of the brand heritage — all of it nestled in a brave denim spirit. For the first time in the US, Foscarini, Moroso, Seletti and Scavolini along with the Diesel team will recreate a Diesel Living space at WantedDesign, introducing their latest collection of lighting products, furniture, home accessories and kitchen designs. The domestic installation comes to life through four thematic areas, boldly influenced by core Diesel values: Nightlife, Make Love not War, Urban Blue and Poplife represent the rock, military, denim and pop attitude of the brand. The space will be a place to experiment Diesel lifestyle, and will host special events throughout the 4 days. More

Ireland will land at WantedDesign


Featuring over 20 designers, makers and studios involved in collaborations across disciplines, Liminal is the flagship show from Irish Design 2015 (ID2015), a year long initiative backed by the Irish government promoting and celebrating Irish design in Ireland and internationally. Moving through a series of design venues from Milan to New York at WantedDesign, to Dublin to Eindhoven, the exhibition demonstrates Irish design excellence across disciplines and considers the possibilities for the future. Presenting a pivotal chapter in Irish design Liminal explores, identifies and showcases Irish creativity, and how designers, makers and studios are moving across the disciplinary boundaries and limits of what design was, into what design can become. Taking the theme of liminality, which refers to spaces that lie between the known and the unknown, this exhibition explores the craft of collaboration and presents the exploratory journeys undertaken by designers. More

Visual Magnetics: Transformative Surface Design for Collaborative Walls


Materials innovation company Visual Magnetics will bring their revolutionary surface design for walls to the Design Schools Workshop space at Industry City. Visual Magnetics will be partnering with WantedDesign to transform the workshop using wall-to-wall magnetic dry erase materials from their Dynamic Spaces® collection. More advanced than any other writable wall solution, these innovative materials turn workspaces into dynamic, functional environments for collaboration that take a human approach to the creative process. More presents Inside Out. Polish Graphic Design

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Inside Out. Polish Graphic Design and Illustration in the Making, the exhibition organized by for WantedDesign 2015 in New York City, will feature the best of what Polish graphic design and illustration has to offer – turned inside out! Curated by Agata Szydłowska for, Inside Out will focus not only on the end product – the poster, the book, the dress, the plate, the magazine, but also on the creative process. The exhibition will flip the designs inside out and show how they are made. More