Discover Detroit Made at WantedDesign

Alex-Drew Table (1)

On the floor of Wanted Design, The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) initiative, Detroit Made, aims to bring a diverse collection of products designed and made in Detroit to NYCxDesign. Focused on representing Detroit’s unique design aesthetic, DC3 collaborated with local maker Detroit Wallpaper Co. to curate a display that reflects Detroit’s rich legacy of design and manufacturing. More

Visibility at WantedDesign for Kontextur and Good Thing


Visibility is an industrial design studio founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab. The studio work on a variety of projects focusing on distilling an object down to what it wants to be. “We want to design products that communicate with the user on a utilitarian and emotional level, considering the user in a more human way,” say the designers. This year, Visibility have had the privilege of working with two wonderful brands: Kontextür and Good Thing. More

Interiors from Spain: enthusiasm meets design

Noviembre Estudio 1

Noviembre Estudio

Spain is overflowing with creative energy at the moment. Both its designers and manufacturers are showing truly original thinking, and when they get together the results are so fresh and inspiring that they’re wowing consumers around the world. More

Calm, Cool and Collected: New Designs from Norway


Calm, Cool and Collected: New Designs from Norway is an exhibition that explores the work of seven up-and-coming and emerging Norwegian design studios. Selected by design curator and writer Paul Makovsky, the show surveys the imaginative ways these designers have engaged with sustainability, creating works with an emphasis on functionality and clean, simple lines. More


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In May 2014 Armada™ debuted at WantedDesign NYC as member of the Design in Puerto Rico collective with its first commercial product, the Meteoro Planting Vessels. The presentation unleashed multiple press reviews and numerous commercial inquiries which propelled further development of our product for commercial distribution. During the ensuing months, a pre-production phase followed to settle issues regarding material finishes and product packaging development. In early August 2014, the Meteoro Planting Vessels first run went into production. More