WantedDesign is a dynamic connector and amplifier for global design, fostering creative synergy and serving as a pivotal crossroad for the international design community across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

WantedDesign 2015 Highlights

WantedDesign 2015 Highlights

We’d like to thank the 16,000+ visitors who came to visit WantedDesign during NYCxDESIGN. This year was special for WantedDesign with the launch of a new platform at Industry City, Brooklyn and with the celebration of our fifth anniversary in Manhattan.


On Saturday, May 9, we were proud to co host the NYCxDESIGN opening night and welcomed more than 4,000 guests at WantedDesign Brooklyn, kicking off all together the 12 days design celebration.


Focused on design education, experimentation, and the maker’s process, WantedDesign Brooklyn hosted a very successful new edition of our Design Schools Workshop around the theme of Design Forever, as well as the Parsons Festival, the Design Forum, design exhibits and large-scale installations.



At WantedDesign Manhattan, we brought back our Conversation Series program, and the Launch Pad, won by Kjartan Oskarsson.

For the first time we introduced the American Design Honors co-presented with Bernhardt Design, honoring Egg Collective design trio as first recipient.


This year, more than 120 companies and over 22 countries were represented including, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Italy to showcase their work at WantedDesign Manhattan.



Both platforms brought together international designers, interior designers, architects, retailers, manufacturers, professional design organizations, media, and design lovers making WantedDesign the key destinations during NYCxDESIGN.

Thank you again to all of you, participants, partners, visitors and industry friends who made WantedDesign’s fifth year a huge success.