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Visual Magnetics: Walls at Work and Play

Visual Magnetics: Walls at Work and Play

Visual Magnetics will at launch their Workspace Collection, a full line of writable wallcoverings integrating the brand’s signature magnetic materials with multi-layer dry erase capabilities. The collection was conceived after spending the past few years outfitting some of NYC’s most innovative new office dwellings, observing how creators work and collaborate. Aimed at enhancing productivity, a series of writable background and layer options bring together classic forms in ideation – such as grids, graphs and arrows.
While Visual Magnetics lays the foundation by offering a range of suggested color palettes, the option to mix any of the patterns and colors allows freedom for those who want to achieve their own look. More


Adding to the practicality of their offerings for the office space, Visual Magnetics has collaborated with industrial design studio Visibility to create compatible accessories such as marker holders, magnets, and shelves. The collection takes reference from the two dimensional shapes of files and folders, borrowing from their graphic but functional forms. This project will highlight Visual Magnetics’ InvisiLock technology, a powerful feature allowing 3D objects to be mounted to the wall surface using interlocking magnetic polarities. The user-friendly system ensures a perfectly straight application and allows for endless reconfigurations.


As a follow up to last year’s interactive mural at Industry City, Dusen Dusen has created a line of bold and playful magnetic wallcoverings for Visual Magnetics. The ability to change and rearrange the shapes, allows users to continuously reinterpret Dusen Dusen’s designs.


Join Visual Magnetics in their second year of partnership with WantedDesign, as they add a large-scale Manhattan activation to their signage sponsorship and programming.

Visual Magnetics, partner of Oui Design
World-renowned graphic designers, Antoine+Manuel, will use Visual Magnetics’ materials as their medium via a large-scale interactive installation.
Antoine+Manuel are boundary pushers in their industry, making the project a fitting personification of the launch of Oui Design – an initiative of the Cutlural Services of the French Embassy to spur creative conversation and exchange between France and the US.


For more information, visit visualmagnetics.com