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Visual Magnetics: Transformative Surface Design for Collaborative Walls

Visual Magnetics: Transformative Surface Design for Collaborative Walls

Materials innovation company Visual Magnetics will bring their revolutionary surface design for walls to the Design Schools Workshop space at Industry City. Visual Magnetics will be partnering with WantedDesign to transform the workshop using wall-to-wall magnetic dry erase materials from their Dynamic Spaces® collection. More advanced than any other writable wall solution, these innovative materials turn workspaces into dynamic, functional environments for collaboration that take a human approach to the creative process. More


Visual Magnetics Dynamic Spaces® collection of printable, magnetic materials unleashes transformative design power, making it possible to mix finishes, and change patterns, colors and the functionality of a wall in seconds. Featuring a portfolio of over 20 different eco-friendly finishes, including dry erase, post-consumer fabrics, compressed wood veneers, chalkboard and more, these versatile magnetic materials change spaces into interactive, tactile environments.


At Industry City, their high performance wall-to-wall dry erase will unleash the creative potential of the walls students will be using for collaboration and brainstorming. Even with continuous use from student designers, these materials will not ghost or wear down over time. Visual Magnetics’ new reimagined ‘sticky notes’ product, MindLayers™ will also be featured at the workshop space. MindLayers are eco-friendly, layerable and reuseable magnetic dry erase productivity aides that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and workflow templates. These magnetic ‘sticky notes’ foster group collaboration, making it easy to reorder ideas and concepts throughout the creative process without generating waste.


As a sponsor of the WantedDesign Design School Workshop 2015 and WantedDesign Manhattan, Visual Magnetics will bring this installation and more to the 5th anniversary of the festival. For more information on Visual Magnetics and the Dynamic Spaces concept, please visit www.dynamicspaces.com.