Sebastian Errazuriz openings and events

Last May, WantedDesign and Industry City invited Sebastian Errazuriz to create an installation during NYCxDesign, The Giant Golden Piñata. “I had just reached my first year of working at the new studio in Sunset Park and I wanted to create a piece that could be festive and be part of a celebration,” said Errazuriz. The Giant Golden Piñata was hung between buildings and filled with $1 bills; at the closing day of the event IC/Design people were invited to grab some red sticks and have a go at it. It was a blast! More

This September Sebastian Errazuriz will be at the Carnegie Museum of Art for his first Museum Solo show, “Look Again,” that will open Friday, September, 5th. Errazuriz will be also discussing his work at the Ted Talk on Sunday, 7th at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

In New York City, the two Simulatneous Solo Shows at Cristina Grajales Gallery and Salon94 will both open on September, 12th, and will showcase Errazuriz’s Functional Sculptures.