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Industry City, the new destination for design in Brooklyn

Industry City, the new destination for design in Brooklyn

Industry City/Design, May 9-19 2015

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Industry City/Design, May 10-20 2014

The international design world will descend on Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this May as Industry City and WantedDesign team up for 11 days of design-centric events and workshops in conjunction with NYCxDESIGN.
“As Brooklyn emerges as a new hub for the design world, we’ve seen Industry City grow into a dynamic community of 21st century makers across a wide variety of disciplines,” says Andrew Kimball, CEO of Industry City. “Both the creative and the production components of the design industry are key to growing the innovation economy at Industry City and in the borough. Our partnership with WantedDesign seeks to open up the design world to the public and expand opportunities for the design world in Brooklyn.” “The site of Industry City is quite unique and very inspiring and has everything needed to become a real destination and home to a multidisciplinary design community for years to come. It is a great opportunity for WantedDesign to extend its vision to Brooklyn by bringing a lively program with city organizations, design collectives, and makers to create a Brooklyn design hub for the entire NYCxDESIGN celebration.” More

Industry City / Design, curated by WantedDesign – MAY 10-20

12-6pm Open daily (closed Mondays & Wednesday)
2nd Avenue between 36th and 37th Street Brooklyn (map)
Easy acces by subway: D, N, R (36th St.station)
Shuttles: from WantedDesign (269 11th Avenue, West Chelsea) to Industry City (Sunset Park, Brooklyn)
available May 17-18, 12pm-6pm
More information and full list of participants and program: industrycity.com/design/
DOWNLOAD Industry City day by day program here

Participants at Industry City / Design

Sebastian Errazuriz presents The Giant Golden Piñata

WantedDesign and Industry City invited Sebastian to create an installation piece that could be inaugurated for the opening of NYCxDesign. “I had just reached my first year of working at the new studio in Sunset Park and I wanted to create a piece that could be festive and be part of a celebration. Coming from South America I immediately remembered the classic birthday Piñatas filled with candy that the kids would hit blindfolded. It occurred to me that it would be amazing to build a giant piñata that could be hung between buildings and invite my colleagues and all the young designers to grab some sticks and have a go at it during the party*.”
(*May 20th, starting 5pm)
Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz at only 28 years of age became the second living South American artist to have work auctioned at Sotheby’s Important Twentieth Century Design. He was selected one of the top emerging international designers by I.D magazine in 2007. He received the title of Chilean Designer of the Year in 2009. In 2011 he was selected for the Compasso d’ Oro.

large pinata

François Chambard is the owner of UM Project, a Brooklyn-based furniture design company. UM stands for Users and Makers. Borrowing cues from industry and craft, UM Project’s work transcends the qualities of both the handmade and the mass-produced. Traditional techniques and archetypes are transformed for the modern eye and mind, with a special interest in material combination and connections.
The Odd Harmonics collection combines different influences that yield a rich and colorful language: mid-century design, Bauhaus-Pop, Memphis, Steampunk. Like other creations by François Chambard, the success of the pieces relies on original design, impeccable execution, the use of rich and honest materials, as well as the emphasis on connections and details.

large umproject

100% TobeUs
TobeUs is a project born between friends, that grew up to involve the most important Italian designers. And today it has become 100% TobeUs, an exhibition about the value of the mindful use of objects and the idea the toys are important, so important that is better when they contain ideals and hopes for a better future, in which consumption will become thought and choice. One hundred international designers, between the most important in the world, accepted to play with TobeUs, creating a unique collection of one hundred wooden cars, designed with fantasy, simpleness and the wish to give a message of sustainability and joyfulness to adults and children.
Curator Matteo Ragni, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. With Giulio Iacchetti in 2001 he was awarded with Compasso d’Oro ADI for the disposable biogradable spork “Moscardino”, which is now part of the permanent design collection at MOMA New York. After Milan and Toronto, it seemed right to make a stop in New York. ToBeUs is a story started in 2008 with a collection of toy cars, made of Lebanon cedar wood, that today presents itself increased with new designers from New York and materials taken from the wood waste of hurricane Sandy.
The entire collection of 119 cars will be presented at Industry City. NY designers include: Todd Bracher, Francois Chambard, Dror, Joe Doucet, David Weeks, Frederick McSwain, Fort Standard, Marc Thorpe and Paul Loebach.

large tobeus

Maker Anonymous
Cross Grain is the first exhibition by the Brooklyn based studio, Maker Anonymous.  The show features four furniture designs by designers who remain anonymous. By suppressing the identity of the designers, each piece tells the story of craft, ingenuity, and collaboration that created it. The exhibit is intended to force audiences to focus on the sincerity of the work in both design and execution.  Maker Anonymous and these four designers set out to demonstrate that when designers liberate themselves from identity branding, they can freely collaborate on innovative ideas.
Maker Anonymous proves that the integration of technology does not mean sacrificing craft, but extending it.  Using in-house designed and custom built CNC routers; Maker Anonymous utilizes greater control over the development and production process than traditional construction methods, from start to finish. The studio blends customized CNC technology with traditional techniques for product development, prototyping, and limited edition runs.  This multi-faceted studio collaborates with a variety of established designers and galleries to produce custom designs.

large maker anonymous

WorkOf is a digital platform connecting independent makers with interior designers, creative directors and design-conscious consumers. As part of Wanted Design 2014 at Industry City, WorkOf is presenting pieces from over 30 of their NYC-based designers to create the WorkOf Apartment — a functional living space made completely from locally-designed and manufactured furniture, lighting and home décor. Many of the pieces have been specially built for this event and will be available for sale exclusively through WorkOf’s ecommerce platform which will launch concurrently with the Industry City program.
Featured designers include: Chen & Kai, Daniel Moyer, Asher Israelow, Pickett, Souda, Calico, Eskayel, to name a few.
WorkOf was founded in 2014 by John Neamonitis and Charlie Miner with the goal to create a go-to source for direct access to original furniture and home décor from independent makers and designers nationwide. Designers who are selected for the site share a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, original design and a long-term dedication to the design business. The company is based in New York City. All pieces and profiles of the makers behind them can be found on www.workof.com

Wearing Cities
by Simo Neri in collaboration with Jun Mizumachi (sound design), Eunhwa Kim (fashion design), Gabrielle Lubtchansky (video)
Wearing Cities is a meditation on urban rhythms. Every city has a particular color palette, a unique, recognizable presence. Ordinary urban details that we take for granted enter our consciousness subliminally, and we try to make sense out of this chaos. Focusing on the cities I know best, I have selected features that evoke a sensory geography of place. By deconstructing these visual perceptions and recomposing them in sequential grids, I am declaring a personal “ownership” of these cities. I invited fellow artists ‒ a sound designer, a fashion designer, a videographer ‒ to join me in this project. Jun Mizumachi captures sounds from his environment, and then breaks them down digitally, creating original compositions that express the abstract moods of city life. Eunhwa Kim translates two-dimensional art into a living, three-dimensional, moving form that can be worn as a symbol of belonging. A special wearable theme, “Inside/Outside”, is worn by a random selection of city dwellers and presented in an original video by Gabrielle Lubtchansky.

large wearing cities

The American Design Club is pleased to present Field Day—a communal and retail space inside Industry City, developed in collaboration with WantedDesign and launching during NYCxDESIGN, May 10th-20th. Part pop-up, part town hall Field Day aims to support New York’s design community by providing a space in Industry City to relax and learn as well as purchase items designed by America’s best and brightest. In addition to functioning as a retail store, Field Day will also be the sight of several events designed to bring like-minded individuals together, including presentations, parties, and even a little competition.

“Founded in Soho, New York, bhold designs smart, functional accessories that make your life easier – we use 3D printing to design better and faster. See our audience-responsive, iterative designs which are thoughtfully developed around the feedback of consumers and a team of labs testers.”

Eyebeam supports and promotes risk-taking work at the intersection of art and technology.  It funds artists’ residencies, provides artists with space and facilities to undertake work in digital media, and presents this work to the public through exhibitions, performances, symposia, workshops and education programs.  Based for over a decade in Chelsea, Eyebeam is moving this July to Industry City while its new permanent home in the Brooklyn Cultural District is under construction.
An installation by CHiKA enabled by Eyebeam, SHIiKAKU 07 (read more here)

large chika


During 10 days, Industry City is hosting series of workshops and demonstrations presented by Bhold (3Dprinting), TobeUs (kids workshop), Wright Collective (website design, digital media), Alpi wood (wood and design),  Tools for working wood (mastering tools), Grand Illusion (decorative painting), Urban Glass (beads making), American Design Club Cornhole game and piñata, and more…

Alpi wood
Alpi Group is the leader in the world for the production of multi-layered wood, obtained with  a unique technology that allows to recreate every wood species of the nature, starting with trees from fast-growing crops or from responsibly managed forest concessions. Alpi Group, the only company in the industry that owns full control over the entire production process – from forest to veneer, works respectfully with the most unbending “codes of conduct”, recognizing that the forest is a renewable source of raw material and, above all, a common good.

large alpi

Tools for working wood
Saw making at the Gramercy Tools workshop is an exhibit that explores the processes we use to design, and manufacture our award winning line of saws. From their inception as sketches, through the prototyping process, and eventually on the workbench of our master sawsmiths, this exhibit explores how we take steel, brass and wood, and make the worlds best saws.  This exhibit was created especially for Wanted Design 2014, and is the first ever public exhibition of our processes, prototypes, custom tooling and machinery.
Since 1999 Gramercy Tools New York has designed and manufactured best quality woodworking tools. Our designs recall the golden age of hand woodworking, and are manufactured in the spirit of early industrialization – when awesome new technologies were used side by side with pre-industrial hand craft.  We endeavour to continue that tradition, employing hand files and CNC machinery with equal enthusiasm, in pursuit of performance, value, and elegant design.

large tools

Urban Glass
Based on Fulton Street, next to the BAM in Brooklyn, UrbanGlass is committed to furthering the use of glass as a creative medium, through studios, classes, exhibitions, and publishing. UrbanGlass is an open-access facility where over 200 professional artists and designers create using glass. Its facility fosters community and serves as an incubator for creation and innovation.

large urbanglass

NY Organizations

AIGA/NY is the largest chapter of AIGA, the nonprofit professional association for design, whose mission is to advance design as a respected craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. The chapter provides to its members a wealth of inspiring programming, including talks, professional training sessions, and networking opportunities, as well as mentoring programs and special initiatives. Learn more: www.aigany.org and follow us on Twitter at @aigany.
Design/Relief is a participatory design initiative to help three New York City neighborhoods—Red Hook, the Rockaways and Lower Manhattan—imagine a more vibrant future for themselves as they overcome the lingering effects of Superstorm Sandy. Design/Relief aims to demonstrate design’s role in creative place making, to shape these neighborhoods be more navigable, visible and vibrant. The project includes a Red Hook team, a Rockaway Team and a South Street Seaport Team, all of whom will present their work in this exhibit and their process in a program scheduled May 17, @5PM at Industry City. The project is overseen by Laetitia Wolff, Program Director, with a project board composed of Willy Wong, Glen Cummings and Manuel Miranda.

DDC – BUILT/NYC is a new program to commission furniture, lighting and textiles for city buildings from local designers. We have awarded five of our first 15 commissions, and are starting now to scope and select our next five projects.  All commissions are for elements within a current construction project managed by the City’s Department of Design and Construction, which means that they will be in libraries, health centers, cultural institutions – facilities that serve the public.  Product designers can develop a better environment for their fellow New Yorkers, can get new clients, gain new skills, and best of all, they will own their design for later sales to new clients.  All this while the City benefits from a customized interior that best fits the public need.
“We are at the Industry City event to let more designers know about this opportunity to work with the City and to show off the current projects.  Built/NYC was launched in August 2013 as part of the City of New York’s NYCxDesign initiative to support the design community and to promote jobs in the design industries. This program is conceived and administered by The New York City Department of Design and Construction, with funding provided by the New York City Council.”

DDC – Town+Gown is a systemic action research platform at the New York City Department of Design and Construction that leverages the city’s built environment to serve as a laboratory for those working in the built environment as practitioners and as academics.  In conjunction with a NYCxDesign event entitled Engineers Design, which uses case study engineering projects to explore how the work of engineers solving problems related to buildings and infrastructure becomes design, Town+Gown has organized an exhibit of engineering student posters from the several engineering schools across the city.