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Lighting Science launches products optimizing workplace wellness

Lighting Science launches products optimizing workplace wellness

There is a new trend emerging: healthy lighting. It’s as if the world has just woken up to the fact that light is keeping us awake at night. More accurately, blue light is keeping us awake by flooding into our lives from TVs, mobile devices, even common household and office lighting. Until now, it was something we couldn’t control. Nor were we aware of the damaging effects to our hormonal and immune systems. Light pollution is making us sick, knocking us all off of our natural circadian rhythm, and preventing us from healing ourselves.

But luckily science and technology have converged, and the geniuses at Lighting Science have invented patented spectrum-controlled LEDs that can mimic the sun when we want and need it most, and block the harmful blue spectrum of light that can negatively impact sleep. Their newest prototype, The Genesis DynaSpectrum is the first commercially-available luminaire designed to do both. Unlike traditional incandescent and LED lighting, The Genesis emits the appropriate spectrum of light necessary to regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm 24/7.

LightingScience_blogpost2This ground-breaking technology has applications both at home and at work. For the first time designers are able to create work environments that enable people to be more productive, classrooms that actually help students learn better, hospitals that allow patients to heal faster, and homes that allow for better rest. It is now possible to create holistic home and office environment that mimic natural day and night cycles. More

The technology is derived from Lighting Science’s work with NASA on the International Space Station where light spectrum was used to help regulate circadian rhythms for astronauts who were experiencing 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. Controlled via easy-to-use app, The Genesis can be programmed to deliver the right light spectrum anywhere in the world.

Fred Maxik, Founder and CTO, Lighting Science Group

As currently designed, The Genesis makes an ideal desk or bedside table lamp. With the lamp’s technology engine located in a two inch section of its base, The Genesis leaves much opportunity to be designed into any form factor.

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About Lighting Science Group
Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCQB:LSCG) is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications. We are committed to using the science of light to improve the lives and health of people and our planet by inventing breakthrough, biologically-friendly LED lamps and lighting fixtures. Lighting Science is headquartered in West Warwick, RI, with research and development facilities in Melbourne, Florida, and offices in Hong Kong, PRC.
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