Keilhauer’s New Collections


Keilhauer offers a complete range of seating and tables to accommodate all types of meetings – from private, formal conference rooms, to lounge areas in public spaces, to casual chats around a coffee table. Designed by world-renowned furniture designers with scrupulous attention to detail, Keilhauer products are engineered and manufactured out of its two Toronto, Ontario facilities and are built for long life with a conscientious focus on environmental design principles.
This year for NeoCon, Keilhauer proudly introduces two new collections – Wheels and Chemistry, and a new, highly customizable product – Collo, all designed by Austrian-based design firm, EOOS.
While aiming to raise the bar on contract furniture, Keilhauer addresses the need for mobility and adaptability in today’s workplace. With that in mind, these three new collaborations came to fruition.

This seven-piece collection of mobile seating and tables is designed to support an idea lab, where the spontaneous exchange of ideas fosters creativity. The designs take inspiration from Building 20, a structure erected on the MIT campus during WWII that was known as a “magical incubator” because of the fundamental advances in physics made there. With its various configurations, the Wheels collection was designed for flexible, on a whim, collaboration.

Chemistry is a unique collection of interconnecting benches and tables, consisting of a V-shaped bench, a base, and 3 tables, (square, rectangular, trapezoid). When elements are combined, the configurations produce interesting shapes, not unlike the appearance of chemical compounds, hence the name.

Collo is a well-proportioned side or conference chair with gentle curved edges and various base designs, designed to meet the rising demands of seating for private conference rooms.

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