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Interiors from Spain: enthusiasm meets design

Interiors from Spain: enthusiasm meets design

Noviembre Estudio

Spain is overflowing with creative energy at the moment. Both its designers and manufacturers are showing truly original thinking, and when they get together the results are so fresh and inspiring that they’re wowing consumers around the world. More

 Alegre Design

Across the board, in the world of contemporary domestic and office furniture, lighting and fabrics, Spanish designers are pushing the design envelope, and innovation is high on their agenda.

Country-wide, and particularly in the hotspots of Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid, these mutually beneficial collaborations are being formed. The most ambitious of Spain’s furniture, product, lighting and textile businesses are aligning themselves with an increasing number of nationally recognized designers. The Spanish manufacturing scene is alive with creativity, as businesses explore fresh ways to push the boundaries.


This amazing process must transcend Spain’s borders… but how?

Interiors from Spain is an initiative of ICEX Spain Trade and Investment -a government agency- to promote Spanish design and share the creativity that is flowing from Spain to the rest of the world. To do so in the US, this year the agency  will be presenting five Spanish designers/studios exhibiting with Interiors from Spain at WantedDesign.

Andreu Carulla

Interiors from Spain will feature the industrial design agency, Alegre Design, who provides effective and long-lasting design solutions; Andreu Carulla studio, whose unique products are known for their aesthetic impact, functionality and sustainability; the multidisciplinary design brand MAYICE, with products that blend architecture, design and art; miGUEL HERRANZ, the industrial designer who finds inspiration in chaos; and Noviembre Estudio, where industrial, interior and graphic designs are mixed in what they call “a kind of pure and soft eclecticism.”


Spain is often related to passion, enthusiasm and creativity. So what is the outcome of those three things when they meet design? Come to WantedDesign and visit the designers from Spain to know the answer.