WantedDesign is a dynamic connector and amplifier for global design, fostering creative synergy and serving as a pivotal crossroad for the international design community across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

How to Participate in WantedDesign

How to Participate in WantedDesign

Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer or brand, there are different ways to be part of WantedDesign 2020.

For designers and studios, WantedDesign offers a unique platform for collaboration and development, it also broadcasts their work to an engaged audience of enthusiasts, professionals and established international manufacturers, distributors and curators.

WantedDesign Brooklyn (May 14-18) at Industry City in Sunset Park will focus on what the campus is all about: a place where innovators and makers meet. We’ll be showcasing exhibitions around design research, immersive installation, and cultural collaborations. There will be a great focus on design education too with the largest grad show ever seen in NYC.

View the deck for WantedDesign Brooklyn 2020

View the deck for design schools at WantedDesign Brooklyn 2020

Artish Studio

WantedDesign Manhattan (May 17-20), now at the Javits  Center for 2020, is the ideal platform for manufacturers and design brands to present their new collection and group exhibitions from all over the world.

What was originally conceived as a crossroads of culture and commerce has evolved into a singular event where everyone can witness the apex of modern international design in an interactive and immersive way.

View the deck for WantedDesign Manhattan 2020

Look Book at WantedDesign Manhattan

If you are an independent North American designer, maker or studio, you should consider applying to Look Book at WantedDesign Manhattan. Deadline Feb 15th, 2020 – Applications Closed for 2020

Launched by WantedDesign in 2018, Look Book is a program for high-end North American designers, makers and entrepreneurs to be part of WantedDesign Manhattan. Serving as an inspiring in-person portfolio, Look Book is a dedicated program designed to connect the studios with interior designers and architects. 

Launch Pad at WantedDesign Manhattan

If you are an international design studio presenting a new prototype, consider Launch Pad at WantedDesign Manhattan. (Applications Now Closed for 2020)

2020 marks the 8th anniversary of Launch Pad at WantedDesign Manhattan presenting emerging design talent in the fields of furniture and lighting. Launch Pad, presented with Design Milk, is the perfect way for up-and-coming designers and small design brands seeking manufacturing and distribution partners to participate in NYCxDESIGN, the city’s celebration of global design

Design Schools

Design education has been an important focus at WantedDesign since year one. Understanding the crucial needs for schools to build an international network and for the students to have experiences outside of their campus as they prepare for their creative career, WantedDesign will offer various ways for US and International schools to be part of what is now the not-to-be-missed destination to discover young design talent in New York.

WantedDesign Brooklyn is becoming the largest Design Schools and graduate students exhibit in the U.S. It takes place at Industry City, a 6-million square-foot industrial complex in Sunset Park, in South Brooklyn. 

Design Schools Workshop 2019

Consider one of the following 3 options for a design school to be part of WantedDesign 2020.

> Exhibit student projects at WantedDesign Brooklyn, May 14-18

> Participate in the WantedDesign Design Schools Workshop, May 14-19

> Be part of the Design Schools gallery at WantedDesign Brooklyn, May 14-18

Download: WD Design Schools 2020 deck for details

If you are part of a design school, contact info@wanteddesignnyc.com

Group Exhibitions and International Showcases

From the start, international pavilions at WantedDesign have represented the diversity of the design landscape worldwide. For participating brands, WantedDesign is a unique opportunity to access the US market and immerse themselves in a mix of commerce and culture.

If you are interested in being part of a country pavilion, group show or cultural installation, contact us at info@wanteddesignnyc.com

Design Brands

Brands and manufacturers interested in collaborating on or sponsoring programs at WantedDesign can contact us.