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Zero Waste Bistro at WantedDesign Manhattan

Zero Waste Bistro at WantedDesign Manhattan

By Kaarina Gould, Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

We’re aiming at zero. Zero Waste.

Think for a moment. What if all of our take-away cups were bio- degredable? What if all of our built environment was made of recyclable and recycled materials, perhaps incorporating some of the waste we’ve produced in the last decades? What if all of our everyday packaging was made of materials that contained no plastic? What if we only ever bought things that we love, things that last a life time? What if all of our restaurants were based on circular economy that resulted in no waste?

What if? The solutions are here. We just need to roll up our sleeves and make some change. Form new habits. Be radical. Zero Waste Bistro at WantedDesign Manhattan is just that, a four-day laboratory, exploring the ways we can make our planet healthy. A laboratory that’s also tasty and beautiful and fun.

Co-curated by Harri Koskinen and Linda Bergroth, and designed by Linda, the Zero Waste Bistro builds on themes of circular economy, new material innovations and sustainable design. We’ve invited the Helsinki-based Restaurant Nolla (nolla = zero) to bring their zero waste philosophy to New York: “An average restaurant produces over a ton of waste every week. We’re aiming at zero. Our philosophy is simple: Refuse, reduce, reuse, and as the last resource: recycle.” Nolla chefs Luka Balac, Carlos Henriques and Albert Franch Sunyer.

The Bistro’s table is set and space furnished with sustainable Finnish design icons from Finnish Design Shop, iittala and Artek. We’re also introducing sustainable new material innovations from Durat, Kotkamills and Sulapac – all contributing to building a zero waste future.

Read more: fciny.org/zerowastebistro

Nikola Tomevski

Brunch and Lunch Schedule:
Featuring a mouth-watering zero waste tasting menu, and a thought-provoking design experience. On Monday and Tuesday we’ll also be serving breakfast, which is a quicker way of experiencing the Zero Waste Bistro. Here’s a list of all tasting sessions. Make sure to book ahead as seating is very limited.

Saturday May 19
Brunch 11am-12:30pm / Lunch 2pm-3:30pm

Sunday May 20
Brunch 11am-12:30pm / Lunch 2pm-3:30pm

Monday May 21
Breakfast 10:30am-11:30am / Lunch 1pm-2:30pm

Tuesday May 22
Breakfast 10:30am-11:30am / Lunch 1pm-2:30pm


Saturday, May 19

Workshop: From the Fields, From the Forests, From the Sea
Zero Waste Bistro
Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons will set the table for an experience of materials that are both edible and buildable. With participants, we will explore nourishing ingredients for design from their origins to their building applications. We’re planning a menu of seafoods and materials made from seaweed and algae; forest foods and materials from mushrooms; and field foods and materials like flax and rice. Participants will be able to make their own combinations as well as eat some that are pre-prepared. RSVP

Sunday, May 20

Conversation: Magic of Numbers
Zero Waste Bistro
This informal conversation brings together two experts of zero waste fashion, who also happen to be great friends. With more than 30 years in New York fashion, Yeohlee Teng is a true pioneer of zero waste thinking in life and in fashion. Timo Rissanen was among the first to methodically research zero waste fashion design, eventually co-authoring a book on the topic with Holly McQuillan in 2016. Teng’s work lives throughout the book. Teng and Rissanen will discuss what inspires them, from the magic of numbers to nature in the city, to the people they encounter, the food that people buy and eat as well as the clothes that they wear. RSVP