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Wednesday, September 16 2020. 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT.

Unity by Design: Staying Relevant, Taking Risks

The power of design: What does that mean today? 

With the turbulent times we’re all living in, many of us find ourselves asking how we can keep design relevant to people.  To answer that question, listen to a powerhouse panel of risk-takers at different stages of their careers as they explore how we can address current and future challenges through a more diverse design community and the ways that we can build that community.  

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Lani Adeoye

Lani Adeoye is driven by conceptual curiosity and traditional craftsmanship coupled with a thirst for innovation. She uses design as a mediation tool; fusing tradition and modernity, merging Art, Craft & Design; whilst expressing intangible cultural concepts. Her studio’s collection (Studio-Lani) is versatile in nature, yet they express an overall organic rhythm and a sense of visual harmony. 

Prior to studying at Parsons – ‘The New School,’ Lani was dedicated to her work as a Management and IT Consultant to Fortune Global 100 clients; following her graduation from McGill University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Her versatility as a designer is a testament to her eclectic roots and diverse life experiences, having lived in four major cities, namely Lagos, Montreal, Toronto, and New York. 

As a multidisciplinary designer, she also works as a design consultant, developing concepts for various brands such as Google, YouTube and NetGear, designing unique products and experiences. Most recently she was selected by Elle Décor as part of its ‘Women of the World’ 75 Global Female Designers worth celebrating. In 2017, she won the Wanted Design’s Launch Pad furniture competition in New York City. 

Lani enjoys collaborating on design projects at various scales and she welcomes a CREATIVE CHALLENGE! 

WantedDesign’s Launch Pad winner 2 years ago.

Website: www.studio-lani.com

Instagram: @studiolani

Laura Jaramillo

Laura Tamara Jaramillo is a half Boricua half Colombian designer who spent most of her childhood in Egypt. She graduated from the Brown/RISD Dual Degree program with a BA in Gender Studies and a BFA in Furniture Design. 

Laura creates objects and tools that speak to the human experiences of memory, belonging, identity and love. Her interdisciplinary practice straddles the line between fine art, design, and theory. 

Two of her most recent projects include a card game called Listen that facilitates open, empathy based, communication between cohabiters; and First Blood, a self-staining chair that explores notions of femininity, menstruation, and imposed gender roles. 

Laura currently lives in Los Angeles with her partner.

Website: https://www.lauratj.art/home 

Instagram: @laurafurniture

Shant Madjarian

Shant Madjarian launched Juniper in 2011 after a 13-year career and banking and finance. Entrepreneurial by nature and motivated by a growing movement towards experience design and local manufacturing, Madjarian set out to develop a collection of contemporary lighting that would together perform and inspire. Juniper designs, develops and manufactures its collection of innovative architectural lighting and accessories from its new factory in Southington, CT. The studio collaborates with designers, architects, suppliers and buyers from across the globe.  

Prior to launching Juniper, Madjarian held a Vice President position in the Credit Suisse Mergers & Acquisitions department, where he consulted corporate clients on operating performance measurement and economic value creation. Madjarian’s career began as an economic researcher for the Bank Credit Analyst and later as an Equity Analyst at Deutsche Bank in New York.

Madjarian holds a Master’s degree in Economics and an Honors undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance both from McGill University. 

Madjarian grew up in Montreal, Canada where he was worked summers at his family’s custom lighting factory. It was also in Montreal where he first developed his passions for food, art and design. 

Website: http://www.juniper-design.com/

Instagram: @juniperdesignny

Amy Devers host and producer, Clever Podcast
Stacy Shoemaker SVP, Emerald Design Group

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