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WantedDesign goes to Mexico!

WantedDesign goes to Mexico!

WantedDesign was proud of having a consistent presence of Mexican design works last May. México Territorio Creativo, thanks to our partnership with Design Week Mexico (DWM), as well as Anahuac University and La Tlapaleria were successfully part of the Latin American dedicated area and had huge visibility in both the international market and press coverage. Centro Mexico was one school participating for the second year in the Design Schools Workshop program. More Through selected program, exhibitions, and conversations, WantedDesign nourishes and seeks to facilitate the relationship between the Northern American and Mexican Design communities and is an official partner of Design Week Mexico.
We hope you can join us in Mexico from October 15th to 19th, to discover the Mexican design scene and enjoy the rich program of the sixth edition of Design Week Mexico, including WantedDesign co-hosted programs:

Presented by Be Original Americas™, and supported by DWR
Friday October 17, 4pm, Museo de Arte Moderno
A conversation moderated by Sam Grawe, Herman Miller Editorial Director, Global Marketing, with John James Jenkin, CEO, Driade N.A., Emilio Cabrero, Co-founder,  Design Week Mexico, Philippe Nigro, Designer, Sean Yoo, Industrial Designer, and Antonio Caliz, Office Director, Gensler, Mexico.
Charles and Ray Eames designed from the inside out—beginning with purpose and negotiating constraints along the way.  As Charles famously said, “the details are not the details, they make the product.” A copy, by contrast, is designed from the outside in. The sole purpose of a fake is to create likeness, often at the expense of craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes an original design great. In this panel discussion a cross-disciplinary group that includes practitioners and experts will consider the role of authenticity in design, and make the case for why everyone should care.
Paseo de la Reforma y Gandhi S/N, Bosque de Chapultepec I, 11560 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico City.
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At Design Within Reach
Saturday, October 18, cocktail at 4:30 pm, part of the Design Tour
Design Within Reach Palmas Studio
Paseo de las Palmas 260 B, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City.
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by Design Spot and Areaware
Saturday-Sunday October 18-19, 11am-6pm, Diseno Contenido
Parque Lincoln, Polanco, Mexico City.


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10 Questions to Emilio Cabrero, Co-Founder and Director of Design Week Mexico.
What defines the design scene in Mexico?
I believe Mexican designers are seeking to dignify and reaffirm the culture and traditions of Mexico. Finding beauty and appreciation in artisanal craftsmanship, as well as the richness in high quality materials that our country has to offer. Mexican designers wish to showcase to the world the extraordinary achievements of contemporary Mexican design.

image1Mexico Territorio Creativo at WantedDesign 2014.

How is it developing and what are the areas and opportunities to explore specific to Mexico?
More than anything DWM & TC hope to be a platform to assist designers to confront and aid them in the challenge of promoting their work, they are vast territories to further develop design, not only in Mexico, but in all Latin America to further achieve innovative design projects.

image2Estructuras Efímeras, Design Week Mexico 2013.

How did you start DWM and how do you want to bring it to the next level?
The first edition of Design Week Mexico was held on the third week of October in 2009, a date that has been established ever since for DWM. We have always looked to portray the dedication of Mexican design to materials and method, to express the passion for mixing innovation as well as high quality handmade traditional craft in a modern way as a key part of our local/global philosophy. We bring together a perfect blend of well-established and up-coming talent from designers, architects, artists and artisans’ studios by gathering their ideas on design that is profoundly shaped by its origins and enhanced by its role in the present day.

Are there inspiration from design events that could be adopted in Mexico?
Of course! DWM has given birth to the creation of many other design events. In fact, October has become the month of design, since several universities and cultural activities have been set in sync with Design Week Mexico’s activities. Our primary objective has always been to establish a platform to promote creativity and design in Mexico and the emerging of such events is just what we hoped would come of all our efforts in DWM.

image3Diseño Contenido, Design Week Mexico 2013.

How do you see the possible collaborations in between the US and Mexico?
Mexico and the US have always worked well together. Smooth sailing.

What are the dates for DWM 2014 and what will be the highlights?
Design Week Mexico 2014 will be held from October 15th through the 19th. This year’s guest country is the United Kingdom, which means we’ll have many special guests and events surrounding the UK. Our agenda consists of several exhibits such as Made in Mexico and Design Content, Design House, DWM Pavilion at the Tamayo Museum, keynote speeches in the Museum of Modern Art and the Tamayo Museum, documentary screenings at an open-air venue called the Ángela Peralta Theater, and many more events!

Does an event like Design Week Mexico make design more accessible to citizens? How so?
Design always corresponds to the equation of solving a problem. That’s when the designer draws inspiration, finds a solution and discusses what materials and techniques are appropriate to find the answer. I think we can all relate to problem solving and design thinking. Through DWM’s events, people can draw inspiration for new problem solving techniques to apply in their own lives and professions.

Why is it important for non-designers to participate?
Design encloses all the senses. Your mind can always make the spread between what you want, whether it be an elegant, functional, or economic and the solution. Design is not linear, it always responds to individual syllogisms. The design process where designers and non-designers interact is always tightly intertwined. Together they find a common solution that solves the aesthetic as well as functional needs. Non-designers are always part of design, and if not actively giving feedback, they are always in the designer’s mind.

image4Hecho en México, Design Week Mexico 2013.

Does making design more accessible benefit the designer or the user?
Both. Design always provides a dramatic line between the visual and functional. Sometimes it can be predictive or narrative, but its power always comes from the life that objects are given. An object, a home, is always cultural reflection of their inhabitants or users. Designers do their best to create a beautiful, functional solution; the user brings it to life. One cannot exist without the other.

What are the key take-backs for anyone attending Design Week Mexico?
How open minds are you? You can take-back anything and everything that happens in DWM. From new friendships to important networking connections, knowledge, ideas and inspiration from the exhibits, conferences and pavilions, but most importantly, and what DWM was born for, the desire to create and express you innermost self to the world.

To know more about Design Week Mexico www.designweekmexico.com.