WantedDesign is a dynamic connector and amplifier for global design, fostering creative synergy and serving as a pivotal crossroad for the international design community across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

WantedDesign 2014 Highlights

WantedDesign 2014 Highlights

We’d like to thank the 11,000+ visitors that came to visit the fourth annual WantedDesign event during NYCxDesign.

Despite the pouring rain on Friday May 16th, more than 4,000 people attended the WantedDesign 2014 previews and opening night at the Terminal Stores in Chelsea.


Followed by three days where 100+ exhibitors from 16 countries, including  Mexico, Guatemala, France, Italy, Austria and Australia, were showcased at their best.



WantedDesign continues to evolve as a major multi-creative platform and key destination for NYCxDESIGN: the three-day Conversation Series program, the Launch Pad, the Design Schools Workshop, and micro events brought together international designers, interior designers, architects, manufacturers, professional design organizations, media, and the general design-loving public. 

Thanks to the marvelous pictures taken by the Ikonphoto + Nudesignstudio photographers, we can share with you all the best moments of WantedDesign 2014. More photos on Facebook

Design Schools Workshop 2014

Led by the Art Center College of Design’s Associate Professors of Environmental Design, Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb, and hosted by rOtring creative tools, the 2014 Design Schools Workshop challenged students to re-envision the expressive qualities of paper in the context of ubiquitous computing, much as painting was reinvented after the camera was popularized.


Our talented students from global design schools received a professional tool set of rOtring creative tools to fuel their work and was surrounded by Molo’s beautiful paper walls and sittings to create an inspiring environment.

Working together as a team, students from Tama Art University from Tokyo, Centro from Mexico City, and ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres and ENSCI les ateliers from Paris had the opportunity to take creativity to the next level.


WantedDesign at Industry City

The international design world descended on Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on May 2014 as Industry City and WantedDesign teamed up for 11 days of design-centric events and workshops in conjunction with NYCxDESIGN.


“As Brooklyn emerges as a new hub for the design world, we’ve seen Industry City grow into a dynamic community of 21st century makers across a wide variety of disciplines,” says Andrew Kimball, CEO of Industry City.

“Both the creative and the production components of the design industry are key to growing the innovation economy at Industry City and in the borough. Our partnership with WantedDesign seeks to open up the design world to the public and expand opportunities for the design world in Brooklyn.”

“The site of Industry City is quite unique and very inspiring and has everything needed to become a real destination and home to a multidisciplinary design community for years to come. It is a great opportunity for WantedDesign to extend its vision to Brooklyn by bringing a lively program with city organizations, design collectives, and makers to create a Brooklyn design hub for the entire NYCxDESIGN celebration.”