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Visual Magnetics is launching a new collection of magnetic wallcoverings designed by Dusen Dusen

Visual Magnetics is launching a new collection of magnetic wallcoverings designed by Dusen Dusen

In conjunction with New York Textile Month, we are excited to present the new development of our partner Visual Magnetics with textile designer DusenDusen. It’s great to see the ongoing collaboration between the two emerging brands that started at WantedDesign in 2015. The Wallcovering collection will launch at the Design Market at the Seaport District and is on view through September 30. In celebration, we asked a few questions of Tori Deetz, Visual Magnetics Creative Director.

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WantedDesign: Can you tell us a bit more about the idea of the Wallcovering collection with Dusen Dusen?
Tori Deetz: Dusen Dusen has garnered a cult following – us included – for the her use of abstract shapes and vibrant colors in designs for apparel and home, which made her the perfect choice to interpret our Modulayer™ magnetic wallcoverings product. The fact that her prints are already so engaging, lent itself perfectly to being incorporated into our interactive product.

WD: Was it something you were thinking about few years ago?
TD: Our first collaboration was site-specific – an interactive mural at WantedDesign 2015. As we expand into offerings for home and office spaces, Ellen Van Dusen’s design process of cutting forms out of paper to create patterns directly translated to the our reconfigurable magnetic layers, and sense of play incorporated into the products.

The project was so much fun, and guests at WantedDesign really loved interacting with the wall. We soon started to get requests to recreate the Dusen Dusen wallcovering for other architectural applications so we teamed up with Ellen again to create a full collection that would bring the playfulness of the original installation to life for people in a more attainable way.

WD: Is this product available to everyone? Where and how can people buy it?
TD: Yes, the whole collection is available to everyone. Each wallcovering is custom fit so we offer pricing based on the type of space, and application. We are happy to provide an estimate for any kind of space; we take care of everything, turnkey, including installation. We can see these modular, interactive wallcoverings that Dusen Dusen has designed being a really cool addition to a hotel lobby, kids’ playroom, accent wall in a living room, or any space really.

WD: Do you plan more magnetics Wallpaper collection?
TD: Yes! We are always creating new wallcoverings in-house, and have plans to continue to work with artists and designers who inspire us. We recently launched our Workspace Collection, which is a series of writable background and layer options bring together classic forms in ideation – such as grids, graphs and arrows. The entire collection aims to enhance productivity in the spaces that people use most, and can be mixed and matched to fit into your space.

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WD: Can you share new developments, new collaboration and/or new products coming up using the magnetic application?
TD: The Workspace Wallcoverings Collection, which is aimed at enhancing productivity, is a series of dry erase background and layer options that brings together classic forms in ideation. Design elements, such as grids, graphs and arrows, can be mixed and matched to fit your space.
Our Polarity Collection (designed by NYC-based industrial design studio, Visibility), will be available for purchase this fall. The Polarity Collection is a line of accessories for the workplace, intended to work in tandem with the Workspace Collection. The fixtures highlight our InvisiLock technology, which allows 3D objects to be mounted to the wall surface using interlocking magnetic polarities.

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