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The ten smallest objects at WantedDesign 2014.

The ten smallest objects at WantedDesign 2014.

Design is not only comfortable and functional furniture. At WantedDesign 2014 people were able to enjoy a vast selection of tiny and playful objects carefully displayed among bigger pieces like chairs and tables. This is a selection of the ten smallest objects that we discovered at WantedDesign 2014. Read More

13&9 The Soul Of Design13&9 The Soul Of Design

The Austrian brand 13&9 The Soul Of Design presented the Geometric Collection, consisting of rings and bracelets for women and rings for men. Each one of these pieces is inspired by nature: stone, symbolizing permanence; and the honeycomb, symbolizing modular functionality. The shapes of these elements – the ellipse and the hexagon – form the basis of the collection, balancing soft lines with sharp edges that are both smooth and textured. These jewels are made from the versatile and pliant, Corian®, a material that is typically not used to make fashion accessories and can be formed into endless shapes.


A SpaceASpace

A Space presented a collection of vases in ceramic, decorated and made by hand. The opulent textures inspired by nature characterize this Yucatan vase (picture), evoking a purity of spirit.



Alessi presented ALESSI RESEARCH LAB, a selection of recent projects from young designers that highlighted some of the research and workshops that the Italian company has conducted and developed in collaboration with several designers on an international basis. Each project on display presented a specific topic and the related research developed around it: from the innovation brought into the bar & wine typology by Giulio Iacchetti to the research in the working of metal wire by Pauline Deltour; from the digital design works of Tom Kovac, to the manufacturing of the stainless steel sheet through laser cut and folding shown through the designs by Abi Alice, to nature observation based design by Adam Cornish.



The Tacitas by the Chilean design group Bravo! is a series of vases made by stones. This material reminds of the symbolic objects characteristic of the Chilean indigenous culture. Through the reinterpretation of the natural material and the usage of technological instruments Bravo! creates a bridge between old and modern traditions.



Chicagoland is a group of designers based in the Chicago area that have joined forces to showcase their products in major design shows. Materious is one of them, composed by Stephanie and Bruce Tharp award-winning, Chicago-based product designers and educators. This (picture) is their Crusader Slingshot, a functional piece symbolizing a trophy or the male archetype; definitely a starting topic for many conversations.



This (picture) is the unique hand blown glass by the brand Camekan Glassworks. This Istanbul-based duo composed by Yasemin Sayinsoy and Gamze Araz was part of DesignMe!, a contemporary design show of objects from Lebanon, Iran, and Turkey brought by the NYC-based design collective Studio M+.


Hatch HubHatchHub

Broach Coaster (picture) is a bottle opener by Taylor McKenzie Veal exclusively designed for Hatch Hub, which aims to promote design meritocracy and break down the barriers between designers and design lovers.


Maïza EditionsMaiza Editions

Margaux Keller designed for the French company Maïza Editions Soupir. Portable yet surprisingly solid, 
this elegant table mirror functions as a vanity mirror or to enhance a beloved object. Maïza Editions produces creations of emerging designers, while promoting close relationships with manufacturers.



These watches designed by Marc Thorpe were part of ZONAL, an exhibition by Nooka curated by Matthew Waldman and Marc Thorpe, and inspired by the vedic chakras. ZONAL proposed 7 zones starting in the human body and extend it to the world.


The Carrot ConceptThe Carrot Concept

El Salvador based group The Carrot Concept presented a series of objects, among which these colorful spinning tops by DUEestudio – Claudia + Harry Washington.

From tiny little decorative objects to gigantic sofas design brings joy in our everyday life!