WantedDesign is a dynamic connector and amplifier for global design, fostering creative synergy and serving as a pivotal crossroad for the international design community across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

The seven schools at WantedDesign 2014

The seven schools at WantedDesign 2014

Seven schools showcased their best students’ works at WantedDesign 2014. More


The Mexican students from Anahuac University School of Design presented a collection of objects mainly manufactured in glass, which are a reflection of the Mexican history. Bright colors and rounded shapes remind of the far and recent past with the purpose of visualizing the paths of the forthcoming future.


Parsons The New School for Design partnered with the Brooklyn based design company Areaware. Students were challenged to propose and develop projects under the title “Small Things Matter” (SMT) under $30 retail price mostly made by wood.


From Copenhagen students from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad brought selected prototypes of chairs characterized by the typical Scandinavian taste, light wood and simple shapes. These works are the final result of the course titled 60 chairs in 07 weeks, a 7 week, 9 credit session in the Architecture & Design Program, where students get trained in the full design process of a piece of furniture.


RIT first year graduate students from the Industrial Design program designed and developed products suitable for inclusion in Loll’s catalog in consideration of the following architectural context: Entryway. All the works were made utilizing Loll’s recycled plastic as a primary material.


The MFA Furniture Design students at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) showed the collection Furthermore, a selection of furniture based on what is and what could be through interests spanning experimental fabrication processes, traditional furniture design, interior design and sculpture.


Students from the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design at University of Bridgeport, SASD, presented projects that explore materials, colors, textures, forms, human factors, and manufacturing techniques. All this objects focused primarily on all areas of the human and natural environment.


First year students of SVA’s MFA in Products of Design present MissionCtrl, a project composed by a suite of interactions that explore how we come together to experience and share new design. Through a playful series of dynamic, participatory installations, this project celebrated the design community at large, and invited visitors to put away their devices and interact with each other in real life (IRL).


The participation of schools is very important for WantedDesign. Students and faculties add a fresh and always up to date flavor to the unique international WantedDesign event.