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Sarah Lavoine, a Parisian icon in New York

Sarah Lavoine, a Parisian icon in New York

Sarah Lavoine presents the English version of her successful book Chez Moi, Decorating Your Home and Living like a Parisienne with Abrams NYC. During a special event hosted by WantedDesign at Seaport Studios Design Market on October 13th, 2016, Sarah Lavoine will be in conversation with Design editor Julie Lasky before signing copies of her book.

Sarah Lavoine founded her interior design practice in 2002. In just 10 years, her name has become synonymous with Parisian style. She joyfully mixes contemporary aesthetics with exceptional craftsmanship. Her chic flair is a balance of many inspirations, conveyed in her own furniture and accessory lines successfully launched in 2009. Her collection now includes sofas, lighting, tableware, home decor accessories and textiles. The collection was launched in the US at WantedDesign Manhattan last May.

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Sarah Lavoine shared with us few of her thoughts about the US and her desire to develop projects here.

WantedDesign: What would be a dream project for you in the US ?
Sarah Lavoine: I have just completed a very exciting project in Paris, our first 5-Star Hotel, le Roch Hotel & Spa, located in my neighborhood called Saint Honoré Village. It’s been a great experience on a creative level. You have to challenge yourself to create a home away from home for people visiting Paris. I would love to have a similar project in NYC.

WD: Why do you think the Parisian “Art de Vivre” resonates in the US?
SL: France has always been considered very educated in terms of lifestyle, fashion, design, furniture and food. We have amazing creators and they pride themselves on the fact that their country helped them achieve their goals. So I figure that’s the reason why American people can get inspiration from the French Art de Vivre. Both countries have always had a very close relationship. Parisians yearn for the US and Americans love Paris in general. That’s probably the reason why there is an immediate connection when it come to Art de Vivre. We know how to play it very casual in home decor and in fashion. This natural cool style certainly inspires a lot of people.

WD: What inspires you in the American lifestyle and is there a region or a city that you are interested to explore in particular and you think you could live in?
SL: I Love New York and Los Angeles! they are so different but both have amazing architecture that I admire. I could spend hours walking in NY streets looking around, my eyes wandering on every detail the buildings have to offer. LA has that typical “Dude attitude” that I like too. People are easy going and smiling. Life’s always easier when you smile, but I must admit my heart belongs to Paris – I don’t know if I could live anywhere else!

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Hotel Le Roch, Paris

Living like a true Parisienne starts at home. Interior designer Sarah Lavoine sees the quintessential Paris apartment as a stylish sanctuary from the stresses of life. Covering each room in the home, Lavoine explains her approach to using color, highlights the indispensable elements of each space, and suggests how to add unforgettable details in order to create a restful and chic environment.

With vibrant interior photographs and charming hand-drawn illustrations, Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living like a Parisienne (Abrams Image; October 11, 2016; U.S. $24.95; Hardcover) is a design handbook that introduces contemporary French style, accented by French-girl-next-door advice on everything from fashion to beauty to cooking to shopping. Moreover, Lavoine’s in-the-know list of Paris addresses allows visitors to traipse through the arrondissements like locals—or even purchase items from abroad.

With her original and useful advice, Lavoine reveals how to create a truly French, meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle, no matter where you live.
Signed copies will be available at IC store by WantedDesign.

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