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Paintzen Presents How Technology Impacts Color and Design

Paintzen Presents How Technology Impacts Color and Design

This year, Paintzen was a sponsor of WantedDesign’s conversation series at NYCxDesign. In addition to being a sponsor, Paintzen’s Senior Director of Marketing, Brand, Kristen Chuber, gave a presentation on technology’s impact on color selection and how professionals can use it for their clients.

What used to be such a personal and subjective choice is now informed by diverse disciples and regionally specific tastes. Technology offers us an endless source of inspiration. With platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, color inspiration is at our fingertips and there is a continuous conversation about good design and style.

But with all of this input, choosing a color can be overwhelming. When you go to your local Home Depot or paint store, you are met with thousands of choices. PPG Paints alone has over 2,000 paint colors to choose from.

Paintzen wishes to simplify this process and make it a bit more digestible for the everyday consumer. At samples.paintzen.com, they reduced a seemingly infinite number of color choices to a carefully curated 60 colors. The colors were determined by tracking user data and industry trends.

By tapping into these learnings and trends, and creating user-friendly digital tools, Paintzen has streamlined the color selection journey.
1 – Recommendation: Limiting the number of colors makes this step more digestible and easier to navigate.
2 – Selection: Offering free 8” x 8” swatches makes the initial choice of what color the consumer might use more tangible, moving directly from inspiration to selection.
3 – Validation: With large swatches, consumers can validate the color in various lights and next to existing decor. Additionally, Paintzen offers an online visualization tool that streamlines this step.
4 – Assignment: Choosing the final color and assigning it a wall.

Technology has given Paintzen the opportunity to see the consumer through the customer journey and into the paint application process. Their service matches the homeowner with a local painter who meets the specifications of their job. While Paintzen manages the details of the project and is in contact with the client, painters can focus on painting, and the client can relax.

Paintzen is particularly appealing to professionals because, with a wide network of painters and the technology to price jobs quickly and without a walkthrough, jobs are completed quickly.

While prepping the space for the conversation series at WantedDesign, Paintzen used their product to find the right colors for the room. After installing wallpaper by Tempaper, Paintzen uploaded a photo of it to the color extractor tool on their site. It pulled colors from the image and found complementary colors for it: Elemental and Chinese Porcelain by PPG. In a matter of minutes, Paintzen painters had a beautiful palette to use.

To learn more about Paintzen, visit paintzen.com/nycxdesign.