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Mexican Design Studios to watch

Mexican Design Studios to watch

After the 4th year of visiting our friends at Design Week Mexico, we’ve started to feel at home in our beloved Mexico City. This year was particularly exciting for us as we partnered with DWM and Centro University to present NAO, a design schools pavilion. For this first year, the pavilion included 4 schools from Mexico: Centro, Anahuac University, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Iberoamericana /Ibero University, and 3 from the US: Pratt Institute, Art Center College for Design and SVA. Each presented student projects around the theme of Social Responsibility. It was an exciting and promising program that we look forward to bring to the next level in 2017. You can now see our photo album and stay tuned for more information that will soon be shared on all of the projects.

WantedDesign was also part of the Jury to recognize the best design studios that took part in Territorio Creativo Inedito, a superb exhibit presented at the Tamayo Museum. Inedito presented projects specifically created for the exhibit by more than 40 studios coming from all parts of Mexico. It gave us a chance to see numerous design studios that we have followed since we first visited 4 years ago. All of them brought high-level projects in term of concept, design, production and social impact.
Here are the ones that particularly caught our eye and piqued our interest.

ITZ is a Yucatan based studio that we had a chance to present at WantedDesign in New York. The studio won the Inedito/Mexico Design Week 2016 Award with their Ocum side tables.

ITZ Mesa Ocum 02

The Ocum collection is a result of the quest for perfect proportions, simplicity and minimalist. The collection uses two species of tropical wood from the Yucatan area, Mohagany and Katalox, and a solid brass pin as a joint. It was designed by one half of the duo behind ITZ, Ania Wolowska. We are total fans and supporters and are really pleased to present them with the Award. The duo has managed to boost the regional talent in carpentry and craft traditions, bringing together the best native carpenters and local experts to convert raw material into high quality products. itzfurniture.com

Since 2007, head designer and studio director Caterina Moretti has infused the brand with her unique ability to work with natural materials, exploring texture and form, and bringing nature indoors in surprising ways. The independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, collaborates with local artisans and invites designers to contribute to the spirit of Peca, resulting in a collection of products that are rich in both tradition and innovation. We loved the perfect and pure lines of the day bed and the Pira cushions in leather embroidered by hand in Coloran, Jalisco, giving illusion of fine drops of rain. peca.com.mx


Dejate Querer is a wool felt rug and tapestry design studio based in Mexico City. The organic nature of their design allows for constant change in shapes and textures. Experimentation with geometry and colors is the basis for the discovery and emergence of new patterns and design. The wall panels are designed not only as decorative pieces but to improve acoustic thanks to the natural properties of wool felt, which absorb echoes. dejatequerer.mx

Dejate Querer2

AdHoc is a design studio that creates spaces and pieces which reflect Mexico’s artisanal legacy, highlighting the natural beauty of the materials and handmade processes in every product. The wardrobe presented at Inedito is inspired by “Papel Picado” (or perforated paper), It’s an expression of Mexican folk art in which centuries of history, symbolism, ethnics, religion and aesthetics converge. The knowledge and techniques associated with this activity are in danger of disappearing and the cabinet, made from leather and walnut, is a superb demonstration of the excellence of Mexican craftsmanship applied to modern design. adhoc.mx

ad_hoc detail2

This dynamic multidisciplinary studio is based in Mexico City. We have been fans since they presented at WantedDesign and we had a chance to visit their inspiring studio. Their creativity is applied to graphic design, interior design and furniture. Combining new technologies and hand made traditional craft, it results in pure lines and high-quality furniture. We love their modern credenza presented at Inedito. lametropolitana.com.mx

La Metropolitana

The duo behind Onora is well known for their diverse and numerous collaborations with artisanal communities all over Mexico. Their collection of home accessories, available in their Polanco-based showroom, includes all kind of materials and demonstrates how much making things are so part of the Mexican culture. The black and white collection of tables presented at Inedito is a perfect example of the exploration of traditional graphics and excellent production skills. onoracasa.com


Juskani Alonso is a solid Industrial designer who collaborates with various Mexican and International brands. His design is precise and focused on function and sustainability. His collection Color Natural for Inedito received a special mention for “Function” . His beautiful designs for the new collection by Mexican brand Artelinea are on view at Blend. juskanialonso.mx


Mob, also a WantedDesign favorite, is a multidisciplinary Mexico-based design studio. They develop collaborations with numerous architects for projects in Mexico and abroad and have built a large collection of products, from home accessories to furniture, all produced with the best artisans and Mexican manufacturers. This includes the Memphis and Nola lighting collection developed for Inedito with the glass makers at Nouvel Studio.

MOB with Studio Nouvel

A recent discovery from Mexico City who was on view at WantedDesign last May is Nomade Atelier, a Mexican–French duo that includes Diana Quintero Vallejo, a visual artist from Mexico, and Ismael Bachri, a French architect. The duo develops one-of-a-kind pieces and utilitarian products that tell a story, Their lighting and furniture investigates the relationship between “the daily clash of the material, physical, textural and reality, in constant tension with the intangible, light, shadow, empty space and sleep.” nomadeatelier.net

Nomade Atelier

Raoul de la Cerda for Inexo
A collective of designers, including Raoul de la Cerda who presented for Inedito a playful one-of-a-kind shelving system. It received special mention for “Experience”. Raoul de la Cerda developed various projects in Mexico including the deisgn of few new products for the new Artilenea A2 collection, available at Blend.


La Tlapaleria is a collective of industrial designers from the Technologico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara. The concept was born with the aim of gathering together talented designers, students and former students to carry out projects linked with artisans. Its philosophy is to create objects with value and cultural identity looking for inspiration in all aspects that surround them, from traditions, people, life, social issues or rituals. The collection developed for Inedito bears the name of Dogma Sin Fe, a series of objects inspired by the mysterious Ancient Mexican rituals and ceremonies around death. The objects are not only strong in the stories they carry, but also by their sophisticated design, choice of material and refined production in collaboration with artisans from the Jalisco region.
La Tlapaleria won the Honorary mention in the “Best concept” category. facebook.com/latlapaleria/