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Launch Pad: The Key to success

Launch Pad: The Key to success

The “Rings Of Fire” by Elish Warlop was awarded best Launch Pad project by the jury led by Azure Senior Editor Elizabeth Pagliacolo, and comprised among others of the Vice President of Merchandising at Design Within Reach Kari Woldum. Not only Elish Worlop’s work was judged best of the Launch Pad, but her lamps made of brass and LEDs inspired by the hoop skirts from 19th century, were also selected by Kari Woldum for the Design Within Reach collection. More.

“The Launch Pad exceeded my expectations. It allowed me to connect with people in all realms of the industry, from designers, to media, to manufactures, to retail. It also allowed me to discuss my work critically with the judges of Launch Pad, whose insight was both helpful and encouraging.” – Elish Warlop.


We asked to Woldum how she chooses designers, and in particular what in Elish’s project caught her attention.

“At DWR, we are always on the lookout for emerging design talent and we are consistently looking to fill key needs in the assortment. We got lucky when we discovered Elish Warlop’s lighting designs! Elish’s work is forward thinking and manages to be both elegant and functional. Her “Rings” utilize discreetly placed LED technology in a package that is whimsically sculptural.” – Kari Woldum

After discovering Elish via “Rings,” the DWR team have begun to develop other lighting collections with her.


“I love how she develops with solutions in mind. She maximizes her design while thinking about the potential end consumer and what they really want to live with. She incorporates a tremendous amount of thought and beauty into such delicate designs.”  – Kari Woldum.

This collaboration led to others, and now Elish continues to design and is expanding her manufacturing capabilities at her studio in Denver. “I am looking forward to presenting new work at Wanted Design 2015. I am grateful for the connections I made at Wanted Design and the West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica this year, and am looking forward to a busy 2015!” – Elish Warlop.

You will see designer Elish Warlop again at the fifth edition of WantedDesign, she won her space to exhibit at WantedDesign in May 2015 as well as at WestEdge design fair last October 2104.