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It’s Summer! Outdoor design at WantedDesign 2014

It’s Summer! Outdoor design at WantedDesign 2014

Summer is synonymous of enjoyable weather and long days spent outside; friends meet for picnics or for long chats under the shade of plants. If you have a patio, a garden, or a deck or if you just love the summer season and appealing design click here to know more about the selected outdoor pieces from WantedDesign 2014. More

For food feasts the Belgian brand Extremis offers a wide selection of tables, like Marina, a picnic table in its most basic shape and made out of pultrusion fibre glass profiles. This way,seemingly endless tables can be created. The composite of fibre glass and polyester is a solid, durable and contemporary material that feels just like wood. However, it is considerably less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity.


Derlot instead proposes Twig Backrest, a seating system that lights up. Twig interprets natural form in a versatile and durable seating system to stand alone or link together in a variety of arrangements for contemporary public space. Designed for all weather exposure using 100% recycled moulded polyethylene with an option for internal illumination available.


The Puerto Rican Vladimir Garcia designs Meteoro, a planting ornament that defines a new display for nature in space. Meteoro pays homage to the residential steel planting ornaments characteristic of the Puerto Rican mid-century modern house patio décor. The design embraces its formal and material language but expands its functionality and manufacture capabilities proposing a fresh contemporary tropical aesthetic. Diverse in size and formal configuration, each object opens a dialog with space thru geometry, color and function to enhance the plant’s shades, patterns & textures.


David Trubridge designs Dondola which name  comes from the Italian word for rocker, and I like the obvious alliteration with gondola which also rocks gracefully as it transports its passengers around Venice.”


Enjoy the Summer with beautiful and inspiring design!