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Istanbul Design Collective at WantedDesign 2018

Istanbul Design Collective at WantedDesign 2018

Curated by architects Füsun Eczacibasi and Koray Duman, the Istanbul Design Collective will showcase work by nine contemporary designers from Istanbul. In a living room setting, the showcase will feature products ranging from seating by Autoban and Merve Kahraman to textile work by Begum Cana Ozgur and glass work by Feleksan Onar and Feyz Design. Interested in the hybrid process and dialogue between the traditional artisans of Istanbul ateliers and tools applied by contemporary designers, the showcase aims to present a unique design process that shapes the work of contemporary designers from Turkey. Füsun Eczacibasi is notable for supporting contemporary art, artist, curators and researchers in Turkey and co-founder of SAHA Association. Koray Duman is the principal of Büro Koray Duman, a research and idea driven architectural practice in New York City. Sponsored by leading contemporary rug brand Stepevi and MNG Cargo. Media sponsor is The Guide Istanbul.

Coffee table by Fy-Shan Glass Studio

Curated by:
Koray Duman and Füsun Eczacibasi

Begum Cana Ozgur
Fy-Shan Glass Studio
Merve Kahraman
Mucs Atelier
Feyz Design
Gorbon Tiles

Sponsors: Stepevi, The Guide Istanbul and MNG Cargo

In partnership with: Fol Studio, Dada Goldberg