WantedDesign is a dynamic connector and amplifier for global design, fostering creative synergy and serving as a pivotal crossroad for the international design community across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

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WantedDesign Immersions provide curated travel experiences for a limited group of creatives to immerse themselves in the world’s leading design destinations— New York, Milan, Paris and Mexico. Led by the WantedDesign team, travelers gain exclusive access to design studios and workshops, getting a behind-the-scenes look at innovative projects while engaging directly with local designers and industry leaders. These trips include self-paced itineraries with access to exclusive events, design destinations, a few cultural activities and good food. This unique approach not only deepens understanding of international design trends but also fosters professional connections, sparks endless inspiration, and results in a memorable experience for all.

· New York Immersions for Design Students
· New York Immersions for Young Designers
· International Design Destination Trips for Professionals