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forceMAJEURE, formerly known as Raison Pure NYC, Celebrates New Beginnings

forceMAJEURE, formerly known as Raison Pure NYC, Celebrates New Beginnings

You certainly have noticed the revamped identity of WantedDesign as we enter our 6th anniversary. This is the work of our brand guardian forceMAJEURE, formerly known as Raison Pure NYC, one of WantedDesign’s biggest supporters and the creative mind behind our graphic identity since its debut. After over 27 years of creative success and 18 years in the US, Raison Pure NYC has officially assumed a new name and identity–forceMAJEURE Design. More


The celebrated international design house, has become known throughout the industry for its transformative brand strategy and meticulously crafted product and packaging designs. Some of their recent successes include the launch in the U.S. of the Orphan Barrel whiskey collection, numerous Johnny Walker products as well as the rebranding of French beauty brand Caudalie.

“This year marks evolution, growth and achievement for forceMAJEURE,” says Laurent Hainaut, founder and CEO of forceMAJEURE. “By embracing change and transformation, we will continue to be a forward-thinking design partner to our clients worldwide.”

The name forceMAJEURE is a reflection of the design house’s unique and relentless approach to creativity. “Through exhaustive exploration and refined execution, forceMAJEURE develops powerful, transformative brand experiences for clients around the world. The rebranded identity reflects the agency’s strategically bright and beautifully crafted approach to branding.”


A New Brooklyn Home

The evolution doesn’t stop there. forceMAJEURE is also moving its headquarters to Brooklyn’s Industry City, while simultaneously broadening its reach to Paris.

Brooklyn’s Industry City has become a hub for some of New York City’s top cutting-edge designers and innovators, including WantedDesign’s own headquarters, IC Store by WantedDesign and the annual WantedDesign Brooklyn and NYCxDESIGN party.

forceMAJEURE’s new US home includes 15,000 square feet of creative space with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, which will house the design house’s diverse 50-person team.

The space was designed in collaboration with architect Koray Duman of Buro Koray Duman, a research and idea-driven architectural studio located in New York City. It reflects the heart of forceMAJEURE’s ethos: elegant and refined, yet powerful and sustainable. It’s an aspirational space to inspire collective creativity and innovation among both designers and clients, alike.

At the same time, forceMAJEURE is debuting its Paris office to better service its growing roster of clients in Europe and Asia. The same rich culture, informed aesthetic and cultural sensitivity for which forceMAJEURE is known will also define its new European headquarters.

We wish all the best to forceMAJEURE and years of collaboration to come with WantedDesign.