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Effeti USA Brings Creativity & Consultation to the table

Effeti USA Brings Creativity & Consultation to the table

Permanently located in the Terminal Stores building, Effeti USA features luxury Italian kitchen systems manufactured in Florence. Known for quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design, the brand has been a symbol of excellence for the past 40 years. The US flagship showroom, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary, features two of the company’s most popular models. Visitors can see firsthand the refined detailing of Effeti’s BK1 and BK2 system, designed by Milan-based architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. More

As WantedDesign descends upon the Tunnel on the weekend of May 17-18, Effeti USA will be serving up two creative demonstrations—jewelry making and floral arranging—and offering free design consultations during morning coffee sessions. Architects, designers and consumers alike are invited to pop in for some inspiration, advice, and refreshment.

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On Saturday, May 17, Patricia Iacino, founder of GlobalcoolO jewelry, will demonstrate her unique craft at Effeti during an event called “Waste to Wares.” The New York-based Italian artist transforms everyday discarded objects, like milk caps and the rubber bands that are used to bunch vegetables together, into wearable art. She combines them with precious metals and gems to form one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry. During the event, a chef will create dishes inspired by her designs and Prosecco will be served.

French-born, New York-based designer Guillaume Gentet will bring his colorful and whimsical design flair to the table on Sunday, May 18. The self-described “decorateur ensemblier,” who started out in fashion trend forecasting, enriches his multifaceted practice as a designer, fine artist, craftsman, and stylist with the sensibility of a builder. At his event at Effeti, called “Design In Bloom,” Gentet will demonstrate his fresh take on floral arrangements.

Also on the weekend, Effeti USA showroom owners Shelly McClure and Kelly Solon will be holding “Coffee & Consult” sessions for WantedDesign visitors. During these sessions, McClure and Solon, a kitchen designer and architect respectively, will give free kitchen design/renovation advice. Taking place from 10am to 12pm on both Saturday and Sunday, the “Coffee & Consult” sessions are by appointment only and will be 20 minutes each—reserve a slot ahead of time and bring a plan of your kitchen if you have one as reference. To book an appointment, email Shelly McClure: sm@effetiusa.com.

Saturday, May 17, 4:00-5:30PM: “From Waste to Wares,” jewelry making with Patricia Iacino

Sunday, May 18, 3:00-4:00PM: “Design In Bloom,” flower arranging with Guillaume Gentet

Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-12PM: 20-minute “Coffee & Consult” sessions (by appointment) with Shelly McClure and Kelly Solon of Effeti USA