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Conversation Series and Program Report

Conversation Series and Program Report

WantedDesign 2014 hosted the Conversation Series supported by Metropolis magazine from May 17th trough May 19th. Dozens of people attended the stimulating and thought provoking talks moderated by Avinash Rajagopal, Associate Editor of Metropolis Magazine, Susan Szenasy, Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis Magazine, and Paul Makovsky, Editorial Director of Metropolis Magazine. More

The conversations touched on relevant and compelling topics from what is happening in the international design market, What’s Happening Abroad?, to how to integrate technology and sustainability in the design process, Designing, Making and Transforming, to end with a discussion about the future of U.S. design, U.S. Design: What’s Next?. Other satellite talks took place over these three days, which enrich and stimulate further discussions around the topic design.Paul Clemence moderated the talk on the challenges of materials, What Material Can Do?4


Melissa Feldman led the discussion between Patrizia Moroso, Werner Aisslinger, and Christoph Hoffmann, Lowery Sims directed the talk Design and Production in Latin America: Engaging Craft and Community, Be Original presented a successful conversation led by Editor in Chief of Dwell Amanda Dameron, and Alan J. Brake, Executive Editor of the Architect’s Newspaper moderated the talk on Grimshaw industrial design.


These conversations enhanced and supplemented the multi-creative design platform that WantedDesign offers. If you have not been able to attend WantedDesign and the various talks, video of the event are online on our Vimeo page – vimeo.com/wanteddesignnyc