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Camille Walala x Visual Magnetics at WantedDesign Manhattan 2018

Camille Walala x Visual Magnetics at WantedDesign Manhattan 2018

At WantedDesign Manhattan 2018, May 19-22, Camille Walala and Visual Magnetics will debut a new collaboration called “Play More.” It’s an interactive mural using Visual Magnetics magnetic textiles which allows visitors to create endlessly configurable patterns, creating their own interpretation of her work. The mantra “Play More” embodies the vibrant, playful and creative energy of Camille’s Studio in East London.

About the partnership, Camille said, “the idea of this project and the opportunity to create an interactive mural really excited me. It’s the first time people will have the chance to play with my patterns and to create their own versions of my work!. I  used shapes with drop shadows, which are bold and bright. I always try to have some playfulness in my work. I am inviting people to do the same with this installation.”

After visiting Camille’s East London studio, Tori Deetz, the Creative Director of Visual Magnetics said, “With her work, it seems Camille has created a Walala world of her own where she can invite people to experience a little more fun and positivity and happiness. I’m glad that with this collaboration, Visual Magnetics can be part of that. We’ve been dreaming of working with Camille for something like this. We had an opportunity to create something special for WantedDesign that emanated positivity, while engaging visitors’ playful side and imagination. I’ve always felt pulled into a colorful positive world when walking by Camille’s murals on the streets of London, so creating something together that brings an extra element of interaction takes that vibrant and immersive quality a step further.”

All photos by Tom Oliver Payne, a photographer and filmmaker based between London and Sydney. He specializes in architecture and architectural storytelling.

While you’re in New York, don’t miss the Camille Walala mural at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.