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Senior Degree Project Online Show
Department of Furniture Design
Rhode Island School of Design

As the culmination of the undergraduate curriculum in the Department of Furniture Design, the Senior Degree Project provides a platform for students to apply the technical and conceptual abilities they have developed towards the realization of self-directed works. The Degree Project builds on the skills and abilities students have cultivated during their time at RISD, both within and outside of the Department of Furniture Design. Students explore their topics through reading, writing, drawing, design, and making, resulting in a small but focused body of work in combination with Degree Project Report.
In the midst of completing their Degree Projects, RISD transitioned to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students went from having access to fully equipped studios to quarantining at home, without tools, space or their community. A very physical, tangible department moved to the digital within a two-week span.
The work shown here is a collection of projects these students have done during their time in the Furniture Design Department at RISD.

Left to right: Tommy Valenti, Cali Tee, Dongzhu Li, Victoria Humphrey, Amalia Attias, Hillary Brame, Dan Mitrovic, Jasmine Gutbrod & Nikako Kanamoto, Jane Robertson, Laura Jamarillo, Yifei Chen, Asher Gillman, Esi Hutchinson

‘Our students develop their concepts through hands-on investigation to design objects that embody humanity in a contemporary context.’
– Lothar Windels, Department Head, Professor, Department of Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design

‘It’s been an honor to work with this group of Seniors from the Department of Furniture Design at RISD through this challenging time. They have shown themselves to be generous, thoughtful, kind, funny, serious people with outstanding self-directed work ethics. Bravo!’
– Patty Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design

‘In their Senior year, this group of students had to unexpectedly transition from working in RISD’s facilities amidst a community to working and making at home individually. I am pleased that we can showcase and celebrate these individuals who have shown the capacity to be ingenuitive, creative and compassionate during their time at RISD and even more so now.’
– Megan Callahan, Assistant Professor, Department of Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design

Participating Students:

Amalia Attias, BFA 2020 | Hali Barthel, BFA 2020 | Tiarra Bell, BFA 2020 | Hillary Brame, BFA 2020 |Yifei Chen, BFA 2020 | Daphne Do, BFA 2020 | Cecilia Emy, BFA 2020 | Alyssa Gerasimoff, BFA 2020 | Asher Gillman, BFA 2020 | Jasmine Gutbrod, BFA 2020 | Cali Hetfield, BFA 2020 | Victoria Humphrey, BFA 2020 | Esi Hutchinson, BFA 2020 | Laura Jaramillo, BFA 2020 | Dongzhu Li, BFA 2020 | Dan Mitrovic, BFA 2020 | Jane Robertson, BFA 2020 | Isabel Rower, BFA 2020 | Alison Sherpa, BFA 2020 | Thomas Valenti, BFA 2020 | Alexandra Venegas, BFA 2020 | Joseph Warren, BFA 2020

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