One week life changing workshop at Boisbuchet

Domaine de Boisbuchet is a unique, off-the-wall design destination situated on the French countryside. Each year Boisbuchet organizes a series of interdisciplinary workshops where students and professionals from all over the world come together for a week of experimental work with renowned designers, architects and artists. WantedDesign was excited to partner with the organization to offer the opportunity for one design student to take part in a Boisbuchet’s Summer Workshop in 2017. The winner of the giveaway was a young Brooklyn-based designer, Maryam Turkey. She was flown to Paris thanks to French airline XL Airways. Maryam recently returned from her week at Boisbuchet where she participated in the Sabine Marcelis “Exploring Light” workshop.

Maryam shared with us what seems to have been a life changing experience, one that will be a real source of inspiration as she is starting her career as a designer.

Can you give us a quick background about yourself and your path until now?
I am a recent Pratt Institute graduate from the industrial design department. Throughout my education at Pratt, my focus has been on innovation and problem solving in the areas of social design and human-centered design. Because I grew up in Iraq and took the journey as a refugee to the United States, I always find myself trying to find solutions to problems that affect people around the world and I try to narrow down the issue to a product or a system that is designed to improve the lives of a large population. On the other hand, I am also interested in material exploration and design that requires me to work with my hands, which I did not explore enough at Pratt, which made Domaine de Boisbuchet very appealing to me.

Why did you apply to the Boisbuchet + WantedDesign contest and what was your expectation in going there?
I applied to the contest because I was intrigued by the description of Boisbuchet. The idea of spending a week in nature with beautiful architecture and exploring a kind of design that I have never really done before sounded like a dream. I expected it to be a unique experience and I also expected that I would come back inspired and have added a new design technique and process to my design palette.


Mos(Kit)O by ENSCI Les Ateliers at WantedDesign Brooklyn

By Angela Riechers
ENSCI–Les Ateliers
(École nationale supérieure de création industrielle) a French design school located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, brought a double exhibition to WantedDesign. Diplorama showcases the final thesis projects of 27 students, while Mos(Kit)O focuses on an award-winning collaborative project by a multidisciplinary team in conjunction with the Paris Pasteur Institute. The team is made up of 19 students headed up by Guillian Graves, who teaches biodesign at ENSCI. Students from Paris were brought to New York for WantedDesign and NYCxDESIGN courtesy of French airline XL Airways. This opportunity will support young designers, students and entrepreneurs as they build their international network and growing body of work.

The project focuses on arboviruses, mosquito-borne viruses which often cause severe diseases in humans and are spreading across the globe at an alarming rate due to mosquitoes. The most common method of fighting mosquitoes is through insecticides, which are damaging to the environment. In addition, mosquitoes tend to develop resistance against these insecticides, which diminishes their efficiency even more.



This last May, WantedDesign welcomed visitors to experience the products and offerings from some of the best design-focused material manufacturers, including 3M, Wolf Gordon, Ultrafabrics, 3Form, Caesarstone, and the Mohawk Group. Royce Epstein has spent a 20+ year career as a materials specialist in A+D before joining the Mohawk Group where she watches for new trends in all aspects of design and culture. Royce blends her passion for design, craft, sustainability in order to make products more meaningful, infusing them with purpose and beauty. She shares her point of view on the role that tactile materials play in a modern world as our experiences are further shaped by technology.

Mohawk group at WantedDesign Manhattan 2017

LOSING TOUCH, GETTING TACTILE, By Royce Epstein | LEED AP and Industry IIDADirector, Design Segment | Mohawk Group
Design today is at a crossroads. We are now experiencing a hybrid of digital and analog life that on one hand drives progress, but conversely creates a desire for more honest and slow living. While many are pushing the boundaries of design with new frontiers of technology, the hand is coming back into the process. More…

Hors Pistes at WantedDesign Brooklyn

Hors Pistes, exhibited at WantedDesign Brooklyn part of Oui Design, is an international residency program founded by product designers Amandine David and Marie Douel. It sponsors travel workshops for young designers to expand their areas of expertise by collaborating with craftspeople from other cultures around the world. Participants visited Burkina Faso in 2013 and 2014 and will travel to Nuuk, Greenland in 2017. Hors Pistes participated in Craftsmen and Designers, a panel discussion held on May 18, 2017 at WantedDesign/Brooklyn. The panel consisted of Dmitri Bahler, a Swiss designer who participated in the 2013 residency in Ougadougou; Amandine David; Andrea Lipps, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Design at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum; and Nicolas Randin, Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United States. The discussion was moderated by Oliver Haugen, head of Swissnex Boston’s NY outpost.


Art by Friends X Opinel at WantedDesign Brooklyn

By Angela Riechers

Founded in 2008 in Annecy, France as an art collective, Art by Friends specializes in the organization of cultural events, artist promotion, and curation of traveling exhibitions such as the Opinel Series, on display at WantedDesign during NYCxDESIGN thanks to French airline XL Airways. Of the 45 participating artists, 10 are from New York. This show began in 2015 with 30 objects on display in France; Artistic Director Camille Regnaudin hopes to finish the tour with about 200 works.