TOMATOESdesign loves the beauty of honest materials and clever simplicity. TOMATOESdesign is a true believer that great design must be gorgeous, extremely practical and environmentally friendly. My philosophy is the result of being raised by clever and detail parents, engineering studies and 15 years of designing and handcrafting furniture for many different clients, resulting in products and designs that show our philosophy.


EllaCollection Tables, lamp EllaLux and wireless sound system EllaSinger are born inspired by all the natural beauty that women exude, combined with the grace they have walking in heels. From the technical side I wanted this to be environmentally  friendly using honest and unusual materials and using them in the best way to accomplish their function. Reducing the carbon footprint of each Ella to the minimum possible through it´s manufacturing process, shipping size and packaging was also a goal.


iDo-smart named by my wife is probably the tiniest and “simplest” piece of furniture I ever designed, but it´s the biggest in terms of potential and impact it will have because it works in a way that no other does on the market,  I had the chance to file a Utility model patent and it will be launched on Kickstarter soon. I like to define iDo as a Millennial´s generation inspired new piece of furniture that will be in almost every home.