Stephane Leathead

EXOCET CHAIR  :: A new kind of chair for all kinds of moments 

The Exocet™ chair is made of two sections revolving around a cylindrical axis. Each section is built with a series of identical slats interlaced with each other. The Exocet™ chair is built from one basic slat shape. The slats are then slid over a cylinder while flipping them alternatively.  The Exocet™ chair is designed to adjust its configuration to your liking simply by loosening up the handle. Once the desired configuration is obtained, you lock it back in position by tightening the slats with the handle.  The simple curves mold comfortably to lines of a human body, making it as comfortable as it is interesting. EXOCET is both a celebration and an evolution of the transforming furniture idea.


Dimensions & materials

Baltic Birch & anodized aluminum
Standard chair configuration / width: 24”, length: 60”, height: 48”
Rocking long chair configuration / width: 24”, lenght: 86”, height: 24”
Folded chair configuration / width: 24”, lenght: 60”, height: 18”
Weight: 150 lbs

Market opportunities

We are looking for potential manufacturers, distributors and retailers.



Stephane started his career as a graphic designer, after graduating from UQAM school of Graphic Design in Montreal back in 1993. In 1995 he was invited to join the LaSalle International School in Singapore as a lecturer. He developed the Computer Graphics program and shared its passion for design. In 1996, his work for the LaSalle International School was awarded at the Hong Kong Design 96 Show. After lecturing he worked in Singapore for a few years as an art director before returning to Montreal where he worked for various advertising and design firms.

He co-founded Cellule Design in 2004 and lead the agency as creative director for 10 years. Under his creative direction, Stephane’s projects won the agency local and international recognition, to name a few, the 2012 REBRAND 100® Global Awards, the Summit International Creative Award, and the prestigious German Design Award 2013. He was also a recipient of Graphis Letterhead 7, winning a Gold award. He is now a branding consultant and the creative director of Designarium, his new endeavor.

Stephane is a master at synthesizing complex concepts, simplifying communication, making them accessible while maintaining the highest level of aesthetics and design. Every mandate is an opportunity to push its creative thinking to new frontiers.


Designarium is a Design agency based in Montreal. With more than 20 years in the business of branding and graphic design, Stephane Leathead is jumping head first into furniture design. His love of furniture design stems from his teenage years, when he would spend hours in his workshop designing tables and chairs. In the past 10 years, as the associate and creative director of Cellule Design, Stephane designed numerous branding projects that often included three-dimensional shapes or forms. Therefore, furniture design was a natural transition for him. Exocet™ is the first design created by Stephane Leathead for Designarium.