South Street Boatbuilders

Tim is an artist, furniture and lighting designer, and woodworker. He explores the space between people and their environment, uncovering material narratives and the peculiar emotional bonds, rituals and relationships we form with the architecture of our everyday. In the studio, process mirrors and draws from experience; starting at the grand scale of concept and history, works are refined down to the very finest details of the tactile experience. He founded contemporary furniture and lighting design studio South Street Boatbuilders in 2012 with partner, interdisciplinary design strategist Hilary Hayes. He now divides his time between the commercial canoecraft and custom furniture of South Street Boatbuilders, and the development of an experimental, personal body of work and exhibitions.

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The Hunt collection began with the launch of the Hunt table in response to a design competition held by the City of Toronto and IIDEX. The goal of the competition being to demonstrate the creative and market-driven use of Toronto’s massive surplus of ash wood due to the devastation of the trees by emerald ash borer beetles.

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At WantedDesign we introduce the extended Hunt lineage with brand new designs inspired by northern exploration and the stark, rugged landscapes, flora and fauna, and the man-made tools used to experience them. With retail agreements in place with Toronto’s Klaus by Nienkamper, we present Hunt at WantedDesign Launch Pad seeking distribution and representation both stateside and internationally.

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