Kjartan Oskarsson

HALO is designed to create a new and interesting link between the lamp and its user. There are no visible controls such as dimmer or a switch but instead they are integrated into the lamp itself. This means that in order to adjust the lamp, one must touch it to turn it on or off, or to increase or reduce the amount of light. Halo lamps is handmade and is available in white OAK or Poplar (Populus)


The inspiration for FORESTER comes from a group of trees or a forest.
The LED lamp is composed to pipes attached to a base. The pipes are linked to the base by a bearing ball mounted in the base. This is done to further enhance the usability of the lamp by allowing the user to simply move the pipes in all directions to suit changing needs for illumination. Forester is available in Chopper (chopper pipes) or Black and Brass (black aluminum pipes and brass couplings).


Kjartan Oskarsson / Studio Reykjavik is a design studio focusing on designing and building lamps and lighting, with the aim of using interactive techniques to connect the user and object.

Kjartan holds a Master’s degree in Furniture design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He has been involved in numerous Interior, Furniture, and Lighting-design projects for the past 16 years and is currently located in Reykjavik, Iceland.