Jonny Detiger

“The Kaleidoscope” is a multi-paneled, multi-colored table.  The Plexiglas panels with variable widths and colors can be interchanged and moved to alter the final composition. When light hits the table it projects kaleidoscopic rays of color on the surrounding floor and walls, bringing about subtle color changes to the room. I designed this table with light, space and time in mind. The table is not designed just as a fixed, stationary object, but rather a changing, living interactive design.


Jonny Detiger is an artist and designer who through his work, has explored the understanding and communication of the human condition of happiness. Through the use of shape, sound, smell and color he designs living art environments that heighten this positive state of mind. His design work is strongly informed by his artistic explorations. His whimsical designs, products of a hybrid design-art studio, transcend the mundane, celebrate life, and joyfully bridge the gap between the everyday and the sublime.


Jonny Detiger received his degree in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. He is a Dutch, self-taught artist and designer that lives and works in New York City.