Sophie Hones, DesignLaboratoire’s owner, is an innovative, European designer based in Rhode Island, USA. DesignLaboratoire’s mission is to create progressive designs, integrating environmental and sustainability considerations into our process. Our inspiration take roots in visual and material objects from around us and around the world. A material, a shape, a system, will be analyzed and rethought to help us create unconventional design in surprising and innovative ways.

DesignLaboratoire’s creations balance functionality with sleek appearance. Our clean, modern aesthetic is designed to promote reflection and awareness. DesignLaboratoire is looking for manufacturers and retail opportunities.

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The table BIAO is designed with a clean, restful aesthetic to calm and soothe. It’s design was inspired by the principles of Chinese calligraphy. The linear forms of the table top create a gentle tension, where no two angles are the same. The combination of this tension with the simple, elegant form gives the piece a renewing sense of energy.

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Our goal with the versatile, contemporary BIAO is to provide a functional support for life’s daily activities, in a way that sustains and calms. We are proud to work with hand picked, qualified wood crafter and steel artist to warrant precision and quality of our products. BIAO are made to order and can be customized with different finishes, colorful felt inserts and heights to match your needs.

Handmade in Rhode Island, USA