Dear Human

Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell are Dear Human, a collaborative studio founded in Vancouver, Canada. Their collaboration is rooted in their common interests in craft traditions, sustainable making, and unconventional material use. In the last few years the studio has developed a coherent body of work in various domains that include public space projects, product design and applied arts.

Installation_700 (1)

This year at Wanted Design, they will be presenting Wallpapering, a modular wall treatment made entirely from recycled paper. With a large variety of colours and print options available, the tiles are an artistic alternative to soundproofing spaces. They are easily wall-mounted and will soon debut in their new floating dividing screen form.

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Since the first prototypes in March of 2014, they have been collaborating with wood and pulp experts at the University of British Columbia to refine the material with acoustic and strength testing and have developed new techniques in production.