Brian P. Keyes

Brændt Firepit

With an inviting form and low profile, the Brændt Firepit is a domestic centerpiece for socializing, roasting marshmallows, or enjoying the night with family. The dish is laser cut sheet steel finished with Cerakote, a ceramic hi-temp powder coat protecting from heat of the fire, weathering, and wear of normal use. The legs are lathed white ash finished with Danish oil to highlight the natural grain of the wood. Currently looking for manufacturer.


Oves Chair

Designed in Copenhagen and embodying Danish design, the Oves Chair is a low-sitting, easy chair with a playful side. The felt looping through the maple frame can be used to store favorite magazines and periodicals.


Born in Poughkeepsie, NY, Brian P. Keyes is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has studied Scandinavian furniture design in Copenhagen under the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. His designs are focused around high craftsmanship, honest materials, and elegant forms.  Brian’s design ethos is centered around utilizing objects to bring joy into everyday life, easing us through the daily grind.