Avandi studio’s creations are versatile and modular. They adapt and evolve with their owner’s interior, rearranged at will. Often allowing for different uses, they are perfect for small spaces. Stools turn into benches, and can be used as side tables. Encouraging movement and creativity, Avandi’s pieces offer a playful take on responsible design.

ADAPTABLE is a series of small tables that can be used on their own as a side table, or in clusters, forming larger coffee tables, allowing for an infinite number of combinations. Designed to grow with one’s space, and to the multitude of events happening in the home.

The variety of materials and colors available allows the users to compose their own pieces of furniture by combining different textures and tones.


Materials play an important role in Avandi’s design. With a passion for learning more everyday, we enjoy exploring different media and techniques. The connections between the different surfaces are both subtle and contrasting, adding elements of surprises. This love for details translates in simple but compelling pieces.

Avandi’s most recent creations the Vice Versa Series, play with the use of a repeating shape that takes on multiple typologies. The studio’s distinctive geometric shapes can be found in this series of bowls, lights, planters and side tables.

Avandi_page_Adjustable_table lamp

The ADUSTABLE LIGHTS series, part of the Vice Versa series, allows the user to dim the light manually by turning its bottom part up and down.

The user is given control over the lighting of space in an analog way. The lights can either be hung or placed on a plane surface.


In 2014, Avandi was a recipient for the Salone Satellite Award, and a finalist for the American Made Award. The young studio’s work has been exhibited in Milan, New York, Brussels, Paris, London and Miami.

Ariane van Dievoet is the designer behind Avandi. She holds a Masters degree in Interior Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she was able to explore designing at different scales and with a variety of media.

In addition to Avandi’s collection, Ariane has designed custom jewelry and furniture as well as residential and commercial spaces.

Belgian born, she has passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. Before moving to the USA, she has lived in the UK for 4 years, including 3 years in London where she graduated in 2010 from a BA (Hons) in Interior & Spatial Design from the Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Currently self-producing all pieces locally, Avandi is looking for partners in the manufacturing world to help develop the studio’s reach and possibilities. Retailers and distributor are encouraged to inquire about possible collaborations.