Anahuac University

We are a well-known academic community at national and international levels. We generate, foster and encourage design trends through a pedagogical methodology based on academic research projects; in liaison with businesses, technological development, and our country’s cultural and educational institutions, committed to a student-centered education. We provide comprehensive education based on universal values and a teaching methodology aimed at educating designers with a a broad perspective on the field of design; committed to multidisciplinary work, which allows facing diverse problems and adjusting effectively to changing economic and professional environments. Due to the fiftieth anniversary that our Universidad Anáhuac will celebrate throughout 2014 and having as horizon the context of the contemporary world, the School of Design presents this collection of objects that are a reflection of our history: its far and recent past with the purpose of visualizing the paths of the forthcoming future. With such purpose in mind we would like to present some of the main traits of a work program that responds to the spirit of times in order to guarantee a competitive project, coherent with the humanist vision of our University.

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